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Kyrgyz mobile operator O! launches mobile wallet based on Wallet Factory solution

Kyrgyz mobile operator O! launches mobile wallet for 2.5 million subscribers based on Wallet Factory solution

Kyiv, October 6, 2017 — Kyrgyz mobile network operator O! has launched mobile wallet O!Dengi with bill payments and payment for services from the smartphone based on the solution from Wallet Factory. Mobile wallet O!Dengi is a mobile app for O! mobile subscribers, which allows to pay for different services from the smartphone and instantly top up/recharge mobile for any operator.

The unique feature of the app is the ability to pay from the smartphone not only by using bank card but also by paying with subscribers’ mobile account. Mobile operator O! is the first operator that has offered to pay with subscriber’s mobile account to its customers in Kyrgyzstan. Wallet Factory was acting as a software developer for the mobile wallet and recharge payment solution.

By using O!Dengi, with one touch O! subscriber can pay the utility bills, internet, TV and other services skipping the long queues at the bank or post office. The convenience of the mobile app is a choice of different payment methods – linking any bank card or using subscriber’s mobile account to pay. The user can add money to the mobile account with the card or by loading money free of charge in the selected payment network.

“Mobile wallets and payment with subscriber’s mobile account – is a practical illustration how technology is breaking banks’ monopoly in the payment market. For Wallet Factory, the partnership with technologically advanced mobile operator Q! is the opportunity to show the Kyrgyz users all the simplicity and convenience of mobile wallets and mobile payments.” – commented Mikhail Miroshnichenko, CEO of Wallet Factory.

For Wallet Factory, this is the second successful case of mobile wallet launch with a mobile operator. Earlier in June 2017, Wallet Factory and Vodafone launched mobile wallet Vodafone Pay in Ukraine.

About mobile operator O!

Mobile operator O! (NUR Telecom LLC) is the technological leader in the mobile network communications market in Kyrgyzstan, which offers mobile network services in 2G, 3G, and 4G standards. Mobile operator O! operates in Kyrgyzstan from 2009 and provides services to more than 2 million subscribers, covering mobile communications in all regions and cities of the country.


About Wallet Factory

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