What are Fintech Solutions?

Global fintech solutions give the population free access to financial products and services. People can use them with adequate tariffs, relevant services, universal access, and according to the legal field. In fact, fintech tools develop the ability to reach people who are not involved or have limited access to traditional financial services due to the payment services development (mostly) on mobile phones and the Internet. Banks began to compete with each other in the size of technology teams and the promptness of innovations for clients. It has started the race for the best online banking for business. Fintech can also be perceived as a quality substitute for public services as it offers a single e-ticket, a unified system of hospital cards, the ability to control a legal entity online, and pay taxes via computer\smartphone.

The contactless payments industry is developing at an incredible speed in 2021. This is facilitated by both the conditions of the pandemic and the reluctance of people to carry a large number of plastic discount and bank cards. People increasingly prefer to use specialized applications in a mobile phone today, since the gadget provides instant access to the necessary information. E-wallets and other fintech solutions are great for capturing the audience’s attention and demonstrating their relevance to current trends. The customer can easily use digitized financial tools to reach their needs without having to contact other persons and waste time on these procedures.

Benefits of Fintech Software Solutions

  • Inclusive global growth and economic diversification via access to financial services. Many countries in various regions have more mobile phone users than bank accounts. Mobile payments can help reduce the proportion of the unbanked persons.
  • Fintech and related innovative financial solutions such as virtual currencies, TPPs, and peer-to-peer blockchain platforms can prove to be more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective mechanisms for cross-border payments than traditional banks or money transfer operators.
  • Digitalization can improve the efficiency of government revenue collection and payments. Increased use of electronic payments can counter fraud and facilitate the effective transmission of monetary policy impact.
  • Fintech can contribute to financial fixity by knockdowning the operating costs for banks and facilitating the analysis of large amounts of data for risk management and fraud detection.

Mobile Banking

A mobile wallet is a beneficial intermediary between the store and customers, which allows you to get and fully enjoy new shopping opportunities. The user can immediately see all the information that concerns the card, the current balance, purchase history, as well as bonus points. There’s also a beneficial opportunity to find out the data about special offers and discounts in your account. The electronic wallet can be perceived as a virtual analog of a familiar classic wallet.

The Wallet Factory Company brings the representatives of various global business areas the opportunity to evaluate all the capabilities of the White Label mobile wallet. We are talking about getting your own digital product for smartphones, which is easily tested by the control service and is able to perfectly recommend itself in the commercial industry. The business owner does not need to hire a team of specialists, since a competent payment device, which is fully adapted for iOS and Android, is ready to use. The company's employees customize the created application for a personalized brand as quickly as possible.

Finance Management

A mobile wallet is regarded as one of the most decent fintech solutions, it can boast the possibility to manage finances by controlling all the transaction processes online. Even if you lose your phone, the attacker will have to crack your phone password and then other passwords or Face ID used to secure the wallet application before reaching the funds. Of course, there is a threat of hacking your data but e-wallets are securely encrypted so that such problems do not arise. All the financial procedures are controlled and the owner has the possibility to make online payments quicker and safer. The wallet contains all the data and clearly reflects it on the screen in case of need.

Technology Capabilities for Financial Services

The Wallet Factory Company offers modern technologies to reach the best result. It’s about

  • Cloud-based platform.
  • Open architecture.
  • Multi-channel API.
  • Interoperability.
  • QR and NFC features, etc.

The company specialists are able to tell the interested user more details about the used technological capabilities, which always improve to meet the customer’s demands.

Who Uses Fintech Software Solutions

  • Telecom companies. The users are able to pay for the service, top-up accounts, gather loyalty points, exchange gifts, get useful data, and store the digitized documents. The telecom provider gains an offing to attract new clients and present modern points of view, solutions, and services. Moreover, the existing ones will definitely appreciate the new changes and the constant trying to remain up-to-date with evolving technology. The business owner will reduce costs and increase the profit due to the fintech solutions.
  • Fuel retail and retail. The e-solution helps pay for the fuel virtually, without leaving the car. It’s also possible to make advance orders and perform lots of useful financial manipulations without the need to waste time.
  • Banks. The customers can make money transfers, pay directly via the application, on web resources, or in online/physical stores (contactless or using a QR code), keep their loyalty cards on one, e-tickets, insurances in the multifunctional fintech solution – e-wallet.
  • E-commerce. The company greatly facilitates the business development as all the above-mentioned advantages are greatly noticeable in such a branch.
  • Postal industry. The fintech solutions offer various ways of cooperation, so the customer can take note of prepaid payments and reduce the need to use cash.

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