O Dengi cashback

Mobile operator О! launched a cashback service for the users of e-wallet O! Dengi.

May 30, 2018 - Kyrgyz mobile operator О! offered 10% cashback to the users of electronic wallet O!Dengi when paying for the services in the app for posting ads on Lalafo. E-wallet O!Dengi is a mobile app for O! mobile subscribers, which allows paying for different goods and services from the smartphone, as well as boost mobile account of any operator. O!Dengi app and new cashback functionality in the e-wallet were developed on the basis of the solution by Wallet Factory company.

Any user of the mobile wallet O!Dengi can use the new cashback feature when paying in the wallet for the services of placing an ad on the largest site of free ads in Kyrgyzstan - Lalafo. By paying for options such as raising the ad to the top, buying a VIP service and highlighting the ad with color with O!Dengi app, the user will receive 10 percent of the amount spent back to his e-money account. The user can spend the received money at his own discretion to pay for goods and services in O! Dengi app.

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About mobile operator O!

Mobile operator O! (NUR Telecom LLC) is the technological leader in the mobile network communications market in Kyrgyzstan, which offers mobile network services in 2G, 3G, and 4G standards. Mobile operator O! operates in Kyrgyzstan from 2009 and provides services to more than 2 million subscribers, covering mobile communications in all regions and cities of the country.



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O Dengi cashback

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