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ePayzz Mobile Wallet to Extend Its EU digital Reach with Wallet Factory Loyalty Solution

London, May 14, 2018 – ePayzz mobile wallet has launched its digital loyalty program with Wallet Factory and mLoyalty solution. ePayzz e-wallet is a mobile app by Money+Card that offers EU customers to pay for products and services via e-money as well as make money transfers instantly and free of charge. The introduced loyalty program rewards customers for purchases and offers special promotions from the selected brands. The program is based on mReward loyalty platform by mLoyalty, integrated with Euronet and was customized by Wallet Factory for ePayzz.

The loyalty program offers the app user to receive cashback instantly after every purchase complete, which can be spent on products and services from the M+C merchants network. In addition, the user can receive coupons and special deals promoting current best offers in the app. The coupons are also available for sale at M+C Gift shop and can earn extra cashback when redeemed by the customer.

“mReward platform used ePayzz is really more than just simple loyalty. Besides processing cashback and coupons, the platform allows to analyse the customer and marketing data to create personalized offers based on the previous customer spending behaviour and interests, and to communicate with the customers via different channels.

We were very excited to work on the M+C loyalty case as all three companies want to make simple and rewarding financial services for the customers while keeping their interest as a main focal point.”– commented Ruslan Dymchuk, CEO of mLoyalty.

“The loyalty program offered by ePayzz for its customers is a perfect example of how to engage mobile app users and differentiate from competitors by a mile. As most wallet apps offer just to store digital passes, the ePayzz awards customers for their activity with the real tangible benefits.”

Mikhail Miro, CEO of Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory Press Service

About Money+Card

Money+Card Payment Institution Ltd is a European Payment Institution that provides simple, fast, and seamless financial transfers, card and account services without big bank bureaucracy. The company offers e-money services via ePayzz e-wallet, which enables customers to pay for products and services and send funds to others with the App. Founded in 2015, Money + Card provides financial services to individuals and corporate clients and is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

About mLoyalty 

mLoyalty Company provides a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and professional services, which helps build and manage loyalty programs, create rich customer experience and personalized interactions across multiple touch points, automate marketing processes, analyse customer data and finally, boost profits.

About Wallet Factory 

Wallet Factory is the financial technology company, which offers Mobile Wallet White Label Solutions around the world. Wallet Factory company is a software developer, vendor and service provider of IT solutions in the following areas – mobile wallets, mobile payments, e-currency processing, loyalty systems, mobile gifts. The Global Head Office is located in the UK, R&D in Ukraine.

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