MFS Enabler platform for e-wallet business

Launching MFS (Mobile Financial Services) or e-wallet services has never been easier! Our enterprise-grade platform helps set up revenue streams by aligning financial providers, merchants and end-users into a synergetic ecosystem. Deployable in 2–3 months, with technical and business development end-to-end assistance.

E-money processing engine Omni-channel digital wallet (P2P, QR, NFC) Financial and product brokerage
Merchants, ticketing, shopping Personalization, loyalty, gamification Multiconnected, multicurrency, multilanguage

MFS Enabler: both a software platform and mobile wallet business development

Unlike a mere e-wallet, MFS Enabler is an integrated framework providing a comprehensive solution for both technical support and business development. Consisting of banking, fintech and software development experts, our team provides personalized end-to-end assistance (technical, business development, negotiations, setting up revenue streams).

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A full-fledged MFS infrastructure

Personalized platform and mobile wallet apps

Web admin interface, iOS and Android e-wallet app customized to comply with your brand guidelines.

Safe and secure digital payment tools

  • Tools from payment providers
  • Banking accounts and payment cards
  • Wallet application
  • Mobile money (direct carrier billing)
  • Various top-up and withdrawal tools (cash)
  • Domestic and cross-border P2P transfers

Product and service brokerage

  • Exclusive or aggregated financial and micro-financial products
  • Offerings from merchants (goods, gifts, ticketing, services etc.)
  • CRM and geofencing

Financial agility for end users. New revenue streams for your business!

MFS Enabler and smartphone wallet unlock financial potential for companies possessing large customer databases

Think ahead.
Let the MFS Enabler work for you!

Surefire success and integration expertise for our clients and partners in 12 countries, across 4 continents (telecom, finance, retail and postal service providers).


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Mobile wallet app

Numerous discount cards that occupied wallets and settled on bedside tables and cabinets - this is a real problem. We identified the main pain of our users - plastic - and formulated a strategic goal for ourselves: completely replace the user with the wallet.

The contactless payment market has grown and was developed a lot. Innovative changes in the field of contactless international payments and mobile transport cards have allowed us to gain the attention and trust of the audience. We developed and unified new technologies in the white label application -  for working with discount and bonus cards, attracting customers to loyalty programs and communicating with them.

"EWallet" is a virtual analog of a usual wallet. It allows you to digitize all your discount cards, remotely issue a bank card and even put a travel card in your smartphone. Users can get rid of excess plastic to make their wallets and life in general literally easier.

It means that Wallet becomes a kind of intermediary between the customer and the store and opens up new opportunities for shopping. The user sees the card data, the current balance, bonus points, the history of purchases, and learns about discounts and special offers in the personal account.

For small and medium businesses, this is a great solution to attract new customers, increase the loyalty of existing customers and ultimately increase sales.

Also, we have a lot of different customers and partners, for example: MasterCard, Okko, Visa, Maxi, Foxtrot, Forward bank.

Today, companies that have not previously been seen on the Internet are joining traditional categories of organizations that work with electronic money (online stores, cellular operators, Internet providers). For virtual money, you can buy an insurance policy or pay for satellite TV.

Application wallet creating process

A lot of different things had been checked before the wallet was created. It was done in order to include all needs of people from different spheres in one application. Make your mobile wallet a tool for self-service on the trading floor, communicate with customers through the white label mobile application, prompting and helping them to make a choice online. Stimulate purchases with the help of loyalty programs, automatically charging bonuses and tokenizing any customer activity.

Customers, using a mobile wallet with a barcode scanner, can independently fill out invoice forms on the screen of their white label application, being on the shopping floor and sending goods to the basket. At the exit in the self-service area, the customer can also quickly and easily pay for the purchase with a purse, card or cash. There is no need to stay in the queue at the cashier anymore.

For example, if we take the sphere of banking, it gives access to all financial operations on that platform. Link any bank cards to your wallet, make transfers, pay directly in the app, on websites or in stores (contactless or using a QR code), keep your loyalty cards, e-tickets, insurance, etc. in your wallet. It is possible to use your mobile wallet as mobile banking to order and manage your current accounts, cards, savings products and loans.

Ewallet website – the best solution for your business

“Wallet” literally makes people's lives easier, and the work of trade and service enterprises becomes more efficient. Our task is in development of advanced mobile technologies, new formats of communication with the customer. This type of communication should be available not only for market leaders, but also for small and medium businesses.

Wallet is a multifunctional application for users. Also, it is a full-fledged business product that opens up the new opportunities for business in order to interact with the client. White label application gives access to a new audience, saves the budget and allows you to improve communication with the customer.

Verification and enrichment of user data, targeted communications, issuance of cards directly to the customer’s smartphone, prompt distribution of information about promotions — these and many other Wallet services allow tackling the business problems of service companies and retailers, including small and medium businesses.

The service allows retailers to introduce new high-tech and high-performance marketing technologies without long-term and costly integration using the software. It will make your life easier and will save your time.

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