Digital Wallet for Financial Institutions: Helping You Win Unbanked Markets

Revolutionize the way your bank interacts with the world’s unbanked population. Our digital wallets are your gateway to faster revenue growth and a broader audience reach.

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Tap into the Untapped

Seize the Global Market Potential of Financial Inclusion and Digital Payments

Launching your digital wallet business is never late, but the sooner you start, the better competitive advantage you will get.

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Why now is just the right time for your bank to jump in:

Unlocking Financial Inclusion

Over 1.7 billion adults worldwide still lack access to formal financial services.

Market of the Future

Global digital payment transactions are set to reach $10.07 trillion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.5%.

Untapped Opportunities

The unbanked population represents a vast market segment waiting to be served.

Emerging Economy Advantage

Explore immense growth potential in digital wallet solutions within rapidly evolving economies.

Regulatory Support

Governments and regulatory bodies actively promote financial inclusion initiatives.

Leverage Embedded FinTech Advantage

By using digital wallet solutions, banks can broaden their customer base and revenue streams.

All-round ecosystem for your business

Digital wallets and more: All you need to succeed

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Seamlessly Integrated Digital Wallet

Experience the convenience of a separate payment instrument with a built-in ledger and personalized loyalty reward functionality, captivating customers and enhancing their financial journey.

VISAMastercardApple Pay Google PayNFCQRAPIMobile moneyLoyalty pointsMobilePOS

Comprehensive Ecosystem Tools

Unify users, merchants, agents, and other payment instruments on one powerful platform. Our ecosystem tools foster seamless connections, unlocking new possibilities for financial transactions and interactions.
BonusesPromotionsCashback Loyalty pointsGiftsMotivation for merchants

Gateway to a Mobile Marketplace

Increase your customer engagement and satisfactioon with mobile gifts, a valuable service that enables merchants and customers to send personalized gift certificates for specific products or e-money. Get a custom feature-rich solution to build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty while serving various marketing purposes.

Mobile giftsGift solutionsDigital giftsClient satisfactionseGift cardsMerchantsGift certificatesEmoneyPersonalized gifts
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Seamlessly Integrated Digital Wallet

We bring all the required payment tools into your own digital wallet, creating new ones (based on e-money) and connecting those that are available in your market, including major payment systems, loyalty points, mobile money and so on. Give a competitive edge to your ecosystem and enable merchants with modern acquiring capabilities.

VISAMastercardApple Pay Google PayNFCQRAPIMobile moneyLoyalty pointsMobile POS
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Comprehensive Ecosystem Tools

Wallet Factory’s Digital rewards platform helps engage and encourage customers and merchants with personalized rewards. Set up purchase and referral bonuses, cashback, build your advanced loyalty program, run product campaigns and promotions, grow your customer and merchant bases and keep people active within your ecosystem.

BonusesPromotionsCashback Loyalty pointsGiftsMotivation for merchants
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Gateway to a Mobile Marketplace

Monetize your wallet solution using the in-app digital marketplace composed for your market. Let your customers enjoy a variety of desirable products like loans, international remittances, vouchers and gift cards, diversifying and growing your revenue streams: transactional fees, interest income, discounts and money left.

AirtimeExchangeGames Food deliveryMobile top upMerchantsTickets

Technology partners:

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Financial value catered to every business need

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Wallet operators

Providing businesses with personal financial services for their customers

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Enabling banks with digital transformation benefits of all-round financial platforms

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Helping mobile providers with new ways to win wider customer audiences

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Ensuring merchants and agents with greater monetization opportunities


Ensuring financial inclusion across underbanked regions


Interoperable digital wallet in Egypt (EasyCash) with $40M valuation, backed by Egyptian and UAE investors
Digital wallet in Lebanon (Areeba/Zaky) empowering state cash assistance program for 500K+ households


Digital wallet for the #1 bank in Belize (BBL/E-Kyash), a solution that gained the approval from the Central Bank

CEE / Central Asia

Digital wallets for 4 top-tier telecoms in 4 countries

South-East Asia

Core software vendor for a NASDAQ-listed company (Society Pass, Vietnam)

South Africa

Digital Wallet engine for transport digitization project (IMS Ventures FairPay card system) that enables cashless payments across multiple services
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(incl. the US)
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why choose us

Great business prospects at your disposal

The reasons why banks and NBFIs in developing regions choose to implement our Digital Wallet platform:

Financial Inclusion

Provide the unbanked with access to digital financial services like money transfers, payments, and savings.

Mobile Penetration

High mobile phone usage makes it an ideal environment for mobile-based financial services like Digital Wallets and Rewards.

New Revenue Streams

Digital Wallets open up new revenue streams for banks and NBFIs. Optimize transaction fees and earn revenue from 3P partnerships.

Increased Customer Engagement

Improve customer engagement with a convenient and user-friendly platform for financial transactions.

Proven Experience

With a proven track record of successful implementations in various markets, banks are sure to have a reliable wallet business.

Competitive Advantage

As more and more banks and fintech companies offer digital financial services, having a robust and user-friendly Digital Wallet platform can give a bank a competitive edge.

Quick Deployment

The platform is deployed in 3-4 months, allowing banks to quickly launch their digital wallet services and start serving customers.

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless integration with a bank’s existing core banking system, ensuring frictionless operations and data exchange.

Innovation and Future-Proofing

Digital Wallet platform helps businesses adapt to future changes and innovations in the financial services sector.

Scalable architecture

Wallet Factory’s platform is scalable, allowing banks to easily expand their digital wallet services as their customer base grows.

Quick Deployment

Wallet Factory’s platform can be deployed in 3-4 months, which is a relatively short time frame for such a complex system. This allows banks to quickly launch their digital wallet services and start serving customers.

Subscription Pricing

Wallet Factory offers a subscription pricing model, which can be more affordable for banks, especially those in developing markets. This model allows banks to start offering digital wallet services without a large upfront investment

Ongoing Support and Updates

Tech support ensures the platform remains up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and security standards.


Our clients about working with us

“E-kyash has revolutionized the way financial services are delivered today in Belize. The FinTech app has won widespread approval by both B2B and B2C bank customers with its usage growth rates exceeding exponentially. Together with Wallet Factory, we already have a strategy roadmap that will add much value to the Belizean market, drive financial inclusion, and bring not only modern financial services but also refreshing experience providing a brand new payment method for the
everyday usage along with a lot of excitement to the Caribbean market and beyond.” —
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Agata Ruta

Head of Digital, Business and Retail Banking at the Belize Bank Limited

“Switching to mobile-first financial services is the only and evident way in today’s largely cashless world. With our zaky eWallet solution, we address underbanked
customers in the MENA region while meeting their expectations for a cutting-edge accessible digital wallet application. We truly appreciate Wallet Factory for its immense contribution to our mobile payment platform development and solid support and maintenance.” —
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Rabih Kassab

zaky Product Owner at areeba (Lebanon)

“The emergence of new global technology innovations, especially in mobile use, has become a key driver of digital transformation along with financial inclusion growth in the region. The EasyCash eWallet application delivered by Wallet Factory helps encourage mobile phone users and
merchants towards the widespread
adoption of digital payments in the Egyptian market.” —
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Hesham Omran

Chief Technology Officer at EasyCash (Egypt)


Proven fintech solutions that bring value

Trusted by top IT review platforms and business communities

Pricing and ROI

A Promising Investment in Digital Wallet Business

Our digital wallet solution comes with a competitive pricing model that ensures a strong return on investment (ROI) for banks.

Pricing Model

Cost-saving Benefits

Revenue Generation

Return on Investment (ROI)


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