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New Customer Loyalty Program and Mobile App for Confectionery Business

Wallet Factory together with mLoyalty company introduced a loyalty program with a personal online account and mobile app for the Confectionery House “Kulikovskiy”. “Kulikovskiy” loyalty members can earn, exchange and pay with points in the new mobile app. “Kulikovskiy” app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. The loyalty program is active in the Kulikovskiy retail chain in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and soon to be launched in Russia.

To participate in the loyalty program, the user registers online or through the app. For each purchase with the mobile app in the “Kulikovskiy” chain, the user earns points. The participant exchanges points for gifts or pays with points in the “Kulikovskiy” retail stores. To add points to the account or pay with points, the user presents the QR code available in the app to the cashier at the checkout.

The app user gets to know first about the latest promotions and company news, as well as receives personalized offers. The app allows you to easily find the nearest “Kulikovskiy” stores and get directions to them. In the next app release, the new function of choosing confectionery products and delivery will be added.

In the online account, the user will find points received and spent, company offers.

The loyalty management platform and personal online account were provided by mLoyalty. The loyalty app was developed by Wallet Factory. The Wallet Factory and mLoyalty solution allows you to manage points program, create customer segments, run communication and marketing campaigns, and manage product listing. For each segment, the business owner creates special offers, promotions, discounts and cashback. At the business owner’s choice there are 5 customer communication channels: an online account, app, push notifications, SMS and email.

The “Kulikovskiy” loyalty program from Wallet Factory is flexible and technological management of customer relationships to increase sales.

The Confectionery House “Kulikovskiy”

Confectionery House “Kulikovskiy” produces high-quality confectionery. The company’s products are sold in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China. «Kulikovskiy» has own trading network. The company has been operating in the confectionery market since 1991 in the retail and wholesale segments. The company produces more than 200 types of confectionery. Those are not only classic cakes but also European desserts, traditional oriental sweets, handmade chocolate. Also, «Kulikovskiy» produces dairy products under the «Family Tradition» trademark.

Rewards Platform

Rewards platform is an enterprise-grade software of customer loyalty management. The platform allows you to implement a loyalty program of any complexity and is designed for flexible management, data collection and processing, launching advertising campaigns and reporting. The technological solution includes processing, CRM, iOS and Android app, a personal WEB account and chatbots.

Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is a FinTech provider of digital finance services and enterprise-grade platforms. Wallet Factory enables financial businesses of any size with access to digital opportunities, like market-ready eWallets, payment solutions, card tokenization services, customer loyalty programs, and more.

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