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Unicorn Supplier: NASDAQ-Listed SOPA Platform Backed by Wallet Factory Exceeded $1B Market Cap

NEW YORK, November 10, 2021 –/BusinessWire/– Society Pass Incorporated (“SoPa”) went public on the NASDAQ under the ticker “SOPA” beginning November 9, 2021. SoPa is the first Vietnam-based company to complete a traditional IPO on a stock market outside of Vietnam.

The number of shares offered to the public accounts of almost 2,9 million, with the total pricing announced to be $26 million as indicated at The share price of SoPa’s common stock was initially listed at a price of $9.00 per share. As of today, the stock has gone over the market cap of $1 billion and is currently trading at $48.30 per share.

“As a software vendor, Wallet Factory helped us build the unique SoPa platform to ensure facilitation of e-commerce transactions between our consumers and our merchants in Southeast Asia. Our marketing platform empowers small and medium enterprises to benefit from e-commerce opportunities across Southeast Asia, driving job-creation and economic growth in some of the world’s most dynamic markets.”

Dennis Nguyen, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Social Pass Incorporated

Wallet Factory is excited to be a partner of SoPa and deliver a FinTech solution that adds business value and drives compliance success.

“Crafting a reliable FinTech solution enabling customers with loyalty experiences is a challenge for any software provider. Wallet Factory has succeeded in bringing in the best e-commerce platform possible that exceeds the expectations of B2B and B2C customers in the region.”

Mikhail Miro, Co-Founder and CEO of Wallet Factory

Originating in Vietnam, SoPa plans to expand its brand presence throughout Southeast Asia post IPO by providing comprehensive region-wide services like POS and e-commerce solutions, scalable payment infrastructure, customer profile analytics, loyalty management, and custom SME financing packages.

About Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is a credible FinTech solution provider for financial businesses seeking software products that drive outright revenues. Wallet Factory empowers its clients worldwide with direct business value via custom-built finance software that really stands out.

About Society Pass Incorporated

SoPa is a loyalty-focused and data-driven e-commerce marketing platform that connects consumers with merchants in the food & beverage and lifestyle sectors, assisting local brick-and-mortar businesses to access new customers and markets to thrive in an increasingly convenience-driven economy.


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