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Vodafone and Mastercard Launched Vodafone Pay

The Vodafone Pay app offers Ukrainian mobile operators’ customers the possibility of making service payments and mobile transfers in a single click due to the integration of the Masterpass digital wallets platform.

Kyiv, June 14, 2017 — Vodafone Ukraine, in partnership with Mastercard, has introduced a new mobile application – Ukraine’s first universal digital wallet, Vodafone Pay. This service enables smartphone payments for different goods and services, money transfers, and refilling the mobile account of any operator.

This service is available to most Ukrainians, because Vodafone Pay can be used by any subscriber to a Ukrainian mobile operator and any Ukrainian bank client who owns an iOS or Android smartphone.

Smartphone penetration in Ukraine is almost as high as in Europe, with 42% of Vodafone customers using smartphones to communicate. But the stage when we needed a smartphone solely to communicate with the World has already passed. Today, we are transforming the smartphone of any Ukrainian subscriber into a mobile wallet and making global technologies accessible to every Ukrainian downloading the Vodafone Pay app. For this, we have made it as open, simple and safe to use as possible,said Olga Ustinova, CEO of Vodafone Ukraine.

The Vodafone Pay app makes the use of financial services fast and very simple without the need to confirm transactions multiple times. The service allows mobile replenishment in three steps. You don’t need to carry around a plastic bank card, since integration with the Masterpass digital wallet platform allows you to pay in a single click.

Every day Ukrainians spend at least four hours, on average, with a smartphone1. We are pleased to provide Ukrainian mobile operators’ subscribers access to innovative solution, designed for using financial services from their favourite gadgets. A smartphone, as a digital wallet and payment tool, is becoming a more widespread phenomenon in Ukraine. Due to Masterpass integration into Vodafone Pay, instant one-click payments become far more widespread and accessible,noted Vira Platonova, CEO of Mastercard in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Central Asia.

The high security and reliability of Vodafone Pay is assured by dual user verification with a PIN-code or fingerprint, and also with a unique password. When you log in to the app, the system automatically identifies the wallet registered with Masterpass platform by your cell phone number, so you can pay in one click with the cards registered in your Masterpass wallet. Those who do not have a digital wallet can register their cards with Masterpass directly from Vodafone

The Vodafone Pay app offers over 300 services including the commission-free replenishment of users’ mobile account, regardless of their mobile operator and card issuing bank; card-to-card and card-to-mobile money transfers at rates as low as 0.5%+UAH 2.5; payment for services from internet providers, TV, telecommunications, utilities, etc. and online shopping. Users can pay either with a card or from their mobile account balance. In the app, you can review your payment history, send a message to another user requesting a money transfer, and also scan QR codes. The MobiPay company, part of Wallet Factory group of companies, has become a technology and business partner for this project.

“Ukraine’s market has a pretty high share of cash in payments, despite well-developed infrastructure for the use of payment cards. At the same time, the spread of smartphones with mobile internet allows for creating new tools to manage cashless finance and offer instant communication with customers. Together with Vodafone and Mastercard, we have created a brand new easy payment tool available to any smartphone user. In future, we plan to launch a number of mobile payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.”

Mikhail Miro, CEO and Co-Founder of Wallet Factory

The Vodafone Pay app can be downloaded from Play Market and App Store.

About Masterpass

The Masterpass digital wallet platform has been available in Ukraine since July 2016 on the websites of over 2000 Ukrainian merchants. With integrated Masterpass-based solutions, customers can pay from their smartphones using the Etaximo taxi service app, the Kyiv Parking App, and WOG PRIDE (payments for fuel at the WOG fuel station network without leaving their car). One-click payment solutions using Masterpass are also used by the and platforms, as well as the Karton money transfer service.

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