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Wallet Factory Rolls Out a New Digital Wallet with Rewards

Wallet Factory built up a new strategy for introducing an integrated mobile rewards solution. The solution allows the businesses to offer their retail customers a mobile app with instant payment and reward for actions and purchases. An app with a loyalty program is the best fit for companies from such industries as retail, fuel retail, HORECA, telecom and finance, logistics.

The app user pays for goods and services in three ways: bank card, electronic money, and reward currency. The company chooses the reward currency: bonuses, points, coupons, discounts, liters of gas, miles and more. The payment is made using the QR code or barcode technology built into the app, followed by the transaction confirmation. This type of payment can be used for online, offline points of sale, at gas stations and self-service checkouts.

The company can evaluate the effectiveness of the mobile wallet and manage the loyalty program by using a web interface. The interface includes analytics and reporting, loyalty program set up, promo and personalized offers builder, and communication campaign tools. Communication tools include SMS, email, push, Viber and Facebook notifications. The company can run a planned campaign or a real-time campaign. Real-time mode allows you to create an instant personalized offer for a client who scanned a QR code or barcode of a product, service, point of sale.

A mobile app with a payment service is based on the Wallet Factory platform. Wallet Factory develops and implements mobile financial services using its digital platform. mLoyalty supports a loyalty program integrated into the mobile app. mLoyalty offers a range of services for the development, implementation, updating and management of a loyalty program.

Rewards Platform

Rewards is a software developer of loyalty program management platform. The platform allows you to implement a loyalty program of any complexity and is designed for flexible management, data collection and processing, launching advertising campaigns and reporting. The technological solution includes processing, CRM, iOS and Android app, a personal WEB account and chatbots.

Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is a FinTech provider of digital finance services and enterprise-grade platforms. Wallet Factory enables financial businesses of any size with access to digital opportunities, like market-ready eWallets, payment solutions, card tokenization services, customer loyalty programs, and more..

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