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Wallet Factory has Enriched the Functionality of the E-kyash Digital Wallet

E-kyash, Belize’s first digital wallet, designed and delivered by Wallet Factory—has just gained enhanced capability allowing it to provide comprehensive digital financial services to Belizean customers and business users. The most recent version includes a slew of new and improved features aimed at providing the best possible user and merchant experiences.

As mentioned in our recent press release distributed by Business Wire, the newly upgraded finance application is set to better serve the underbanked communities in Belize and accelerate financial inclusion regionwide. Fostering new ideas, Wallet Factory is glad to provide The Belize Bank Limited with Spanish localization and richer functionality for E-kyash, its countrywide digital wallet. The update is designed so to drive greater user experiences and provide access to digital financial services to the underserved.

E-kyash is a simple to use and install mobile eWallet application. The app is intended to provide open access to digital financial services at scale to Belize’s underbanked consumer categories. The digital wallet has the potential to be a game-changing technology that will revolutionize the way people pay in the country. The feature-rich functionality and user-friendly interface of E-kyash, which was meticulously created from the ground up by Wallet Factory, make the transition to a cashlite society quite feasible.

“At Wallet Factory, every product update is based on client input. such an approach enables us to deliver exactly what their end customers require in terms of digital financial services.”

Michael Miro, Co-Founder and CEO of Wallet Factory

Consumers, merchants, and retail operators can all benefit from the range of innovative features E-kyash is currently offering:

  1. Localization of consumer and business apps into Spanish
  2. Payments to over 70 payees via direct transactions
  3. Employees’ eWallets are directly debited from their paychecks
  4. Payments between individuals and merchants (P2M) via static and dynamic QR codes
  5. Transactions between individuals (P2P)
  6. Upgraded KYC and form acceptance
  7. Engagement-driven customer motivation program
  8. Reactivation and inactivation of a wallet within one year
  9. Advanced filters to search through the entire transaction history.

“Providing improved user experiences to our customers has always been our key objective and priority. What makes E-kyash a unique and popular digital wallet is its technical quality and user-friendliness.”

Agata Ruta, Head of Digital and Retail Banking at Belize Bank Ltd

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