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Wallet Factory, a Leading Provider of Digital Wallets, Featured in the Ukrainian FinTech Catalog 2023

In a groundbreaking hybrid format event held on June 14th, the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovative Companies presented the highly anticipated Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023. This annual analytical research serves as a comprehensive guide, offering valuable insights into the state of the Ukrainian fintech landscape and highlighting the success stories and competitive advantages of various fintech companies.

According to Mikhail Miro, Co-Founder and CEO of Wallet Factory:  

“The release of the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023 is a monumental moment for the industry. It highlights the critical role of fintech in driving Ukraine’s post-victory recovery and underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation. At Wallet Factory, we are honored to be featured in this prestigious catalog, further solidifying our commitment to revolutionizing digital transactions and advancing financial inclusion.”

Supported by esteemed organizations such as the National Bank of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) – a member of the World Bank Group, in partnership with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO) and the Good Governance Fund of the UK Government in Ukraine (GGF), as well as the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, Visa, and the Ukrainian Startup Fund, the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023 showcases the significant potential and pivotal role of fintech in the country’s economic recovery.

One of the prominent highlights of this year’s catalog is the undeniable influence of the fintech sector in driving Ukraine’s revival following recent victories. Esteemed experts from the fintech market, including representatives from IFC, NBU, USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, Nova Poshta, Oschadbank, and UAFIC, shared their invaluable insights during a panel discussion on the crucial role of fintech in the country’s post-war reconstruction.

Ukrainian FinTech Catalog 2023: Gaining digital momentum

Unveiling impressive statistics, the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023 provides a compelling overview of the sector’s growth and impact. With 246 companies comprising the Ukrainian fintech market, including 7 newly established enterprises in 2022, the industry demonstrates robust momentum. Notably, 68% of fintech companies have achieved breakeven status, while a remarkable 33% operate in the international market. Furthermore, it is evident that the majority of Ukrainian fintech companies (77%) are headquartered in Kyiv, underscoring the city’s position as a thriving fintech hub.

Wallet Factory, a leading provider of digital wallets, takes pride in being featured prominently within the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023. With its innovative solutions and commitment to transforming the digital payment landscape, Wallet Factory continues to play a pivotal role in driving financial inclusion and revolutionizing digital transactions in Ukraine and beyond. The recognition in this esteemed catalog further solidifies Wallet Factory’s position as a key player in the fintech ecosystem.

Technological advancements within the Ukrainian fintech sector are also noteworthy. According to the catalog, API technology emerged as the most prevalent among Ukrainian fintech companies, facilitating seamless integration and enhancing user experiences. Additionally, 79% of fintech companies identified artificial intelligence as a promising technology for the Ukrainian market, indicating the sector’s readiness to embrace cutting-edge innovations.

As Ukraine forges ahead towards its post-victory recovery, the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023 serves as a valuable resource for industry stakeholders, investors, and enthusiasts, providing comprehensive insights into the country’s vibrant fintech landscape. The catalog’s release underlines the significance of the fintech sector as a catalyst for economic growth, digital transformation, and financial empowerment in Ukraine.

About Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is a pioneering provider of digital wallet solutions that empower individuals and businesses to seamlessly embrace the world of digital payments. As a featured company in the Ukrainian Fintech Catalog 2023, Wallet Factory stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional user experiences. With a relentless focus on security, convenience, and financial inclusion, Wallet Factory continues to redefine the digital payment landscape.

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