Cloud rewards

Boost customer engagement rates with stimulating point-based rewarding systems for your sales campaigns. A cloud reward service that is easy to integrate via API and deploy across leading marketplaces. Get a digital access subscription for your eCommerce site or online store and engage customers with bonus points awarded for every purchase

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Cloud rewards
Cloud rewards
Cloud rewards
Cloud rewards
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Cloud rewards
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Cloud rewards


Engage and stimulate customers for repeat purchases with loyalty programs

Online stores and eCommerce websites

Engage customers in your marketing campaigns with full control on earns and burns

Offline retail networks

Provide personalized loyalty programs to tackle price-driven churn and improve customer buying experiences

Local retailers: food, beverage,

Bring and retain more customers to your local stores via simple reward giving campaigns

Referral programs for brand extension

Improve your growth marketing tactics for introducing new products, expanding your customer base, and increasing sales

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Create a truly rewarding and engaging experience

market readiness

Easy start

Smooth service integration with your current business capabilities for faster time to market

commercial efficiency

Commercial efficiency

Reduced customer churn and higher average bill due to more stable and engaging deal relationship

stronger brand

Stronger brand

Boost the number of loyal customers quickly by making the shopping experience enjoyable



Perfect for businesses of any size with scale-as-you-grow service capabilities


Feature-rich functionality to empower your stored-value business

Cloud rewards engine

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Marketing tools

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Get our Cloud Rewards service whitepaper to explore its feature set in detail


A single entry point to power up your omnichannel strategy

Open source API allows for the widest variety of implementations:

Sales equipment / channels

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