CRM in United Arab Emirates

CRM tool within mWallet helps with contact management, sales management, productivity and more.
Using CRM system can provide you the detailed overview of your customers.
CRM campaign management tool helps you to manage and track your marketing campaigns and record data directly back to your CRM

CRM Key elements

Marketing Сampaigns
● Campaigns may be used to inform customers of the website, emails or SMS/PUSH, or for rewards based on their purchase activity
● Manage marketing campaigns, you can run several campaigns simultaneously
● Apply different rules to different customer groups in one campaign
● Campaigns you need: POS software, mobile app, website
● Settings of Reward for customer activity on the website
● Inform customers using mailing tools
● Additional rewards for actions: purchases of particular goods and on a certain amount, activity on the mobile app and online

CRM in United Arab Emirates
CRM in United Arab Emirates

Special Offers
● Create one time offers with time limit for all customers or selected groups. Launch personalized bonus rewards
● Pick a group of customers
● Fill in information for publication
● Create marketing action and reward for it
● Configure bonus for specific products or categories
● Use configurations for one-time offers
● Limit offer by days or hours (rush hours)
● Reward terms (Product value is greater than X; Number of products in check is greater than X; On every X position)

Event Сalendar
● Calendar allows to visualize all events and effectively plan your campaigns
● Visualization of all events and offers
● Filter by period
● Filter by the title of event

CRM in United Arab Emirates

E-mail Сampaigns
● Create notification for the certain customer groups, attach special offers, decide the time for distribution. Receive reports of notifications delivery
● Send notifications on demand of partners
● Target e-mail notifications
● Automatic mailing (birthday, New Year)
● Notifications to certain groups
● Manage mailing templates
● Provide reports

SMS / PUSH Notifications
● Notify your clients by SMS / PUSH about new offers, goods and campaigns
● Event based campaigns
● Work with customer groups
● Notifications based on personal data
● Notifications based on purchase activity