Business Development App, Canada

Modern business development app made by Wallet Factory brings a new experience in flexible financial management and shopping for the client. The mWallet allows performing all the necessary financial operations, because the application contains a variety of greatly protected payment tools. Before making financial transactions, the company’s mobile app performs the following procedures:

Business Development App, Canada

● SMS authentication.
● password validation.
● 4-digit PIN code checking.
● dactylogram verification.
● KYC module using.

Such a high-level business app development helps the customer to control each financial step.

Mobile App Development for Small Business

The mWallet can be perceived as a great solution for small companies that don’t have multimillion projects but need to stand firm in the business world. Wallet Factory belongs to those business app development companies, which can propose the product for income rising, brand reinforcement, customer base growing, and client service time reducing, etc. The mobile app development for small business helps get new partnership opportunities and transform the mWallet into the flexible cashless program for retail payments. Small companies get the full-featured mobile wallet under their unique brand.

Android Business App Development

The mWallet demo-version is available on Google Play (the whole version can be ordered in Wallet Factory via contact details); moreover, the application presents not only well-known pre-paid payment tools, but also the opportunity to use Visa and MasterCard connections. A high-level Android business app development is greatly protected, so the authorization consists of 5 steps, after which the customer can make card-to-card P2P transfers, pay for a taxi ride, or for food in the favorite restaurant. The mWallet is truly reliable, because each update procedure is carefully planned. Its time and duration are announced in advance to the user, so he/she can always aware of the application features.

iOS Business App Development

All the Apple users can download the mWallet absolutely for free or order a fully customized product by sending to the company an email. The branded application allows making the internal and international transfers, purchase electronic tickets, and travel cards, issue an invoice, etc. Mentioned iOS business app development has access to payment cards, cryptocurrencies, popular wallets, and mobile money, so all the financial procedures can be performed in a few minutes. The iPhone owner has to authenticate identity, choose the service, complete a field, and confirm money transmission.