Contactless (NFC) technology in Canada

Rapid development of infrastructure of contactless terminals, payment with contactless cards is becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, solutions such as Google Pay and Apple Pay enabled cards virtualization, as well as access to this service in the White Label wallet by Wallet Factory. Let your customers pay in a single touch using your mobile wallet.

How it works

Contactless (NFC) technology in Canada

We integrate Mobile Wallet with your bank or your partner banks

The bank must be integrated with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Contactless (NFC) technology in Canada
Contactless (NFC) technology in Canada

Customers can manage their cards in the mobile wallet and review the balance as well as transaction history. In the mobile wallet, the customers can visualize (tokenize) their cards for making contactless payments using a mobile wallet. They should have a Google Pay or Apple Pay app on their smartphones. Tokenization occurs in the application even without its opening

To perform a transaction, you only have to unlock the smartphone and bring it closer to a touch contactless terminal

Contactless (NFC) technology in Canada

Advantages of NFC technology

Simplicity and speed
Any transaction completed within few seconds (tap and go)

Smartphone NFC payments are even more secure than payments using a bank card

Majority of countries have a full infrastructure for touch-less payments and developing it for of Visa and Mastercard

Industrial of NFC technology use cases

1 Supermarket
Most supermarkets already accept contactless payments, it’s fast and convenient

2 Transportation
What can be more convenient when boarding public transportation than Tap and Go?

3 Public event, festival, show
When many people required quick payment, the best solution is NFC