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Mobile wallet for FMCG & E-commerce

Mobile wallet for Retail merchant is a White label mobile application designed to simplify the process of purchase for the customer, to save time at checkout, to eliminate hassle with plastic payment cards and loyalty cards and to help shoppers in planning their expenses accurately. Make your mobile wallet a tool for self-service in the sales area, and communicate with customers via the mobile application, suggesting products and helping them to choose. Encourage purchases using a loyalty program, accrue bonuses automatically and tokenize any customer activity.

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Benefits of Mobile Wallet for Retailers
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Greater relationship with existing clients

Using information about the customer’s past purchases, provide them regularly with useful tips and suggest lists of subsequent targeted purchases. Offer customers personalized bonuses and discounts on products that they really need. Capture the time when the customer enters your store and do not miss the moment to contact them through the mobile application and to make the best offer .

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Eliminate queues and increase customer flow

Using the mobile wallet with barcode scanner, customers can independently generate a check on the screen of their mobile app while adding goods in their shopping cart in a store. At the store’s self-service area, the customer can check out quickly and easily paying with a wallet, a card, or cash. No standing in queues required.

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Retain customers

Turn your relationship with customers into a valuable asset. Tokenize customer activity using Blockchain technology (accumulate Coin Bonuses) and allow customers to maximize the benefits of a digitized asset

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Empower Digital First Strategy

Be innovators, use modern mobile technologies to make life easier for the client, make the purchase process as comfortable, fast, profitable and interesting as it can be

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Raise Revenue

Become a reliable adviser for your clients, help them to account and plan their expenses, to save time and money. Having built up customers’ loyalty you will win the maximum share of their wallets

What does Retail merchant get with the launch of Mobile Wallet?
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Decrease costs

Get a ready-made White label wallet app solution without the need to create it from scratch and with no infrastructure building and maintenance costs

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Benefits of Retail Customers of FMCG & E-commerce merchants from Mobile Wallet

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Self-service tool in the sales area
Generate a check on the screen of your mobile wallet as you add goods to the shopping cart in the store
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Personal offers
Take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers designed just for you basing on your previous purchases
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Cashless payments
Connect your Visa and MasterCard to your wallet and pay using QR codes (with Masterpass QR technology) or contactless (using Google Pay or Apple Pay)
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Planning of purchases
Use the tips you get from the store to form the next shopping list
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Loyalty card
Digitize your loyalty card and forget about plastic cards. When you pay with a wallet, bonus points will automatically credited
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Different payment modes
Choose to pay by direct carrier billing, credit card, bank account or e-money
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Gamification of shopping
Receive Coin Bonuses for any actions (purchases, regular visits to stores, participation in promotions, etc.). Turn tokens into game elements that are valuable for you
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Discover more
Enjoy exclusive offers, send gifts, buy tickets, store passes and more

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