Mobile App Development, Switzerland

Special mobile wallets are able to make life more straightforward not only to business clients but also to business owners. Wallet Factory is a mobile development company that came up with the mentioned product (White Label), which can be especially useful for fuel retail. Its owners have an opportunity to pay for fuel on the petrol stations while staying in a car. The top-level mobile app development renders it possible to use digitized fuel card, keep encouraging points, and make preorders. Wallet Factory is one of the most famous app development companies, so it complemented its product with the capability to accomplish very quick money transfers, keep digital data, and get pleasant presents.

Mobile App Development, Switzerland

Improved mobile application development helps the business to:

● increase the throughput of the gas-filling station.
● speed up customer service.
● provide clients with the mobile experience via online to offline feature, which allows making a purchase online and takes the bought things without leaving the vehicle.
● retain customers through personalized profitable offers.

The payment can be made via QR-code. The application saves a person’s time at the box office, release him/her from the red tape with plastic payment cards, and help to plan out financial disbursements correctly. White Label is a great helper while shopping, because the person can use a barcode scanner, get to know the products’ price, add them to the cart, and independently form a check on the screen. The self-service area will help to pay for all the purchases in a few seconds.

Mobile application development company focuses on up-to-date users, who want to make their lives simpler. Such a solution is beneficial and for the business itself, because the owner can raise revenue, arise the client’s interest, and order the app development by honing the product to perfection.


The iOS and Android app development make it possible to use the mobile wallet, made by Wallet Factory, on the majority of modern smartphones. Due to its peculiarity, everyone can take advantage of this professional project in different life spheres. Shopping is a great example, because the program uses data about past purchases and gives the person regular tips by creating lists of subsequent necessary things. The business representatives can fix the moment of the client appearance in the store and notify him/her about the most interesting sales/offers.

In addition to White Label, retail companies get modern and modified technology, which may make them real innovators. Together with the mobile applications, the customer also derives self-help devices that are placed on the trading floor, the possibility to make non-cash transactions, to figure out purchases, and perceive the shopping like a game. Personal proposals will help not to buy unnecessary items and keep the money safe. The mobile wallet is one of the finest solutions at today’s market, especially due to the ability to choose among the most popular payment facilities (e-money, credit card, bank account, etc.).


The postal industry also values a useful mobile application that fits almost every smartphone. Its representatives understand that the app development cost worth it, and Wallet Factory’s product can improve the cash receiving process for logistic services and sent items. The mobile app can perform cashless operations and speed-up the cooperation process. The mobile application development price fully corresponds to the program abilities, so its custom price won’t surprise the business owner. The average cost of the app is presented on the Wallet Factory website, so everyone has an opportunity get to know the project better.