mWallet Loyalty


With our Loyalty functions, your customers should be able to collect and redeem different loyalty currencies (bonuses, points, liters of gasoline, miles, cups of coffee, chances to win prizes, etc.).
Based on our mReward platform you may run your own In-Wallet loyalty program or set-up coalition with different partners.
Or even just allow customers to digitalize loyalty cards and store them in the wallet.

Key Loyalty elements

mReward platform consist of the following components:

Bonus processing guarantees safe and fast transaction.
Loyalty management tools provide flexible management of your program. Collect and analyze your customer’s data. Run campaigns and special offers. Reward clients for participation. Communicate and receive an instant feedback.
Participant tools. Mobile App allows interaction with the client. Registration, balance, promo-codes, purchase history, gift certificates. Identify clients in stores to reward them.
Open Source API allows integration with POS, Accounting system, Web interface, Mobile App, Self-service terminal.

Permanent Reward settings

Fixed percent
Variety of statuses: standard, silver, gold
Reward for receipt amount
Reward for the number of positions in receipt
Reward for certain positions in receipt
Raising bonus for purchase activity
Anti-fraud rules

Customer personal account

User’s bonus account
Transaction history, filters
Rewards from purchases retail or online
Reward history (earning and redemption)
Personal notifications
Coupons or codes activation

Loyalty operator’s and Merchant’s account

Loyalty program profile
Points of sale and partners
Unique merchants’ bonus accounts
Issued bonuses
Reports of campaigns and rewards
Settings: partner’s info, points of sale, points’ of sale contacts, API settings

Promo-codes module

Offers with promo-codes;
Automatic delivery triggered by customer action (additional fixed bonus for purchase; x2 or х3 bonus multiplication on next purchase; bonus for review)
Rewards from the manufacturer (client unpacks product, scans code inside and gets the reward for this good)

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