Loyalty program for small business in Indonesia

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Real-time performance

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Sophisticated rewards

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Best tech stack

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Seasoned in-house staff

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Market readiness

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Big picture approach

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Loyalty program for small business in Indonesia
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Manage your loyalty campaigns with ease

Leverage a wide range of features included in our Rewards platform to build and deploy your full-scale customer reward programs that boost customer loyalty, increase engagement rates, and enhance experiences with your digital financial services

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    Loyalty program for small business in Indonesia/h2>

    Why is Customer Loyalty Important for Small Businesses?

    Advertising is doing a good job and there are a lot of new customers but as soon as the first surge of interest ends, the level of sales drops significantly. Why? Most likely, the fact is that having once bought a product/service, the consumer does not return to you again and is looking for competitors who can offer more favorable conditions. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to the marketing and develop a plan that will increase user loyalty. Today we will tell you about loyalty programs for small businesses that are useful for regular customers.

    The Advantages of Developing a Loyalty System for Small Business

    A customer loyalty program is a long-term marketing ploy, a system of lucrative offers that are aimed at increasing trust with customers and their re-attraction. The scheme consists of incentives, rewards, and bonuses. What is it for? The M-Loyalty Company specialists are able to correctly identify the interests of the target audience and to provide what they need (and this is not always a material benefit), then the loyalty program brings impactful advantages.

    ● Retain a profitable customer and bring him/her again.
    ● Increase the average purchase order and the number of additional products.
    ● Carry on an active dialogue with your customers. Conduct surveys, find out about the reason for the decrease in active visits and ask for suggestions/opinions that will help improve the service.
    ● Replenish the database with valid phone numbers, names, ages, focusing on their preferences – that will increase the list of people from your target audience.
    ● Study behavioral factors in order to know how to influence consumers.
    ● Advertise a brand, increasing its credibility and popularity.
    ● Launch test products/services on the chosen category of people by actively offering them a new product.
    ● It is possible to evaluate how attractive the next offer is, taking into account that the quality of the products has not deteriorated.
    ● Increase staff motivation to amend sales.

    Thus, this marketing solution opens up great opportunities for both small businesses and large enterprises that compete with each other. They cannot significantly reduce the cost but can make conditions more attractive.

    Types of a Loyalty System for Small Business

    ● The discount program provides the customer with a profitable discount at the time of purchase. They are performed via corresponded cards, which can be fixed or cumulative. The amount of the discount depends on the previous spending of the client in the accumulative system. The more the client has spent over the entire period, the more substantial rake-off will be received for all subsequent purchases. The advantage of the discount program is that it is based on the principle of providing the client with benefits on an ongoing basis, encouraging the buyer to use the services of only one small business.
    ● A prize draw has some material profit but the main benefit is emotional. The client receives a prize as a result of a “lucky chance”. The effectiveness of the prize draw is not too high and the participation is passive but still is on the front burner.
    ● The bonus program implies the accumulation of special points for clients, which he/she can later exchange for valuable gifts. The use of a material incentive to accumulate points can be perceived as economic feasibility. This incentive is more economically feasible than providing a discount program, since the ratio of the bonus received by the consumer and the cost of purchases made by him/her may be more profitable for the small business. Bonus programs are more emotional, a client who accepts an offer to participate in the program will be interested in accumulating bonuses, and the value of the offered goods will decrease for him. This program encourages the consumer to use the services of only one provider who brings him benefits.
    ● Cashback is a new solution that actively occupies all categories of the market. This is an analog of a bonus offer. There are rejoining points with each purchase that are credited to a virtual account or to a bank card. The customer can spend them on various services or on the items of the brand. Such a variety of conditions has a good effect on advertising because different target audiences are interested in different benefits.
    ● Affiliate is the conclusion of a deal between partners, that is, mutually beneficial advertising. The client base grows in direct proportion to the increase in partnership agreements. There is also a high attractiveness on the part of consumers. They really like this tempting offer, since they are usually not limited to purchases at one outlet but can choose where to spend bonuses. There is an opportunity to motivate and encourage staff by offering employees interesting commercial suggestions from partners.
    ● Value-based is a type of financial friendship between a small company and a customer. You make purchases and become a “family member” of a large friendly company, get access to numerous promotions and events. Involvement of consumers, orientation towards common values, maintenance of policy, and interest in the brand as a whole are guaranteed. The maximum amount of data is collected since they actively contact and share personal information.

    Why is Customer Retention Important for Small Businesses?

    ● Attracting a new client, depending on the industry, costs 5-10 times more than retaining an existing one.
    ● Reducing customer churn by 5-10% can bring the company up to 75% additional profit.
    ● The cost of attracting each new customer increases, while the cost of retention remains at a consistently low level.
    ● A large percentage of regular customers ensure the business stability and attractiveness for external investments.
    ● These facts confirm the axiom that regular customers are the key to a successful and stable business.

    Why is Customer LTV important for Small Businesses?

    There’s a need to constantly monitor the results of the system’s work and make changes in a timely manner. This can be done by special parameters. LTV is an indicator that characterizes the amount of profit that one particular visitor brings you for the entire time of cooperation with him/her. It has to grow and M-Loyalty Company puts its best leg foremost to reach the desired results.

    How to start a Loyalty Rewards Program for Small Business?

    The technical side of the issue is very important. M-Loyalty Company is responsible for effective loyalty bonus programs development. They are easily integrated into retail apps and allow accruing points, maintaining a system of accounting for buyers-holders of bonus cards, communicating with customers, and also providing a number of additional opportunities.

    Such mobile options don’t require replacing existent cash solutions and retraining personnel. The launch of bonus systems is performed in the shortest possible time and the cost of such an IT-solution from the developer is acceptable. An indispensable server will store information about the clients of the company that holds bonus cards. Devices for reading barcodes of bonus cards at the checkout are also important.