White Label Mobile App, Kenya

Wallet Factory is a reliable enterprise, which is engaged to White Label mobile app marketing. mWallet can be regarded as a highly-protected mobile banking unit that is especially useful in the telecom sphere. Inasmuch as the item is made for mobile usage, each person can replenish accounts, make payments, collect encourage points, make financial transfers, keep digital documents, and swap gifts. Every mobile network operator has an opportunity to win subscribers, present them the multifunctional mobile product, stimulate users to trust the program, and render for that some cheer points.

White Label App Development

White Label Mobile App, Kenya

Every telecom company, which is going to be a White Label mobile аpp platform customer, presents to its clients great opportunities to:

● top-up mobile phone account.
● pay relevant bills.
● remunerate special-priced ticket purchasing.
● pay house bills.
● defray products, etc.
A high-level White Label aрр development allows keeping all the loyalty cards in one program. Moreover, regular White Label mobile application users can get special bonuses and redeem them for nice surprises. White Label business apps make it possible to release the multicurrency support. White Label mobile app development is a great opportunity to distribute the budget correctly and have a financial assistant with client.

White Label Android Apps

White Label Android apps will become a great choice for all the non-iOS gadget owners, because the program works correctly and the software upgrading happens at a clearly marked time. The telecom companies can contact the Wallet Factory representatives and describe their desires, get to know basic/advanced mobile peculiarities for Apple White Label apps functionality. All the requests will be taken into account. The customer can go about his business and wait until the project’s quick implementation and integration. After successful completion and testing process, the mWallet surely will become a decent enterprise representative.

White Label iOS App

White Label iOS app is a great solution for banking. Such a program will manage the current financial accounts and show the advantages of cashless operations. Wallet Factory presents to the entire banking corporations the branded Whitе Label IPhоne app, which allows all the bank clients to make payments and use Masterpass/Masterpass QR in different situations. The service may help customers to digitalize the cards, pay contact-free, set well-defined credit limits, and spare funds in a profitable way. White Label apps Apple improves all the time, so the product moves with the time and follows current trends.