Loyalty gift cards, Netherlands

Increase your customer engagement through Mobile gifts, a value-added service that allows merchants and people to send custom gift certificates for specific products or e-money. Personalized gift cards can serve various marketing purposes, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction.

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Gifts portfolio management

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Operational capabilities
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Statistics and reports

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    Loyalty gift cards, Netherlands

    Nowadays there is a wide range of selling techniques and tools for businesses that want to increase loyalty rates among their clients. Reward systems are diverse and integrated into an electronic environment, which makes it easier to manage multiple initiatives. A custom and personalized gift card can serve various purposes, which ultimately leads to increased client satisfaction.

    Any business operating in retail (whether it is e-commerce, fuel, or any other retail company) can benefit greatly from incorporating some kind of a bonus program. Especially when there are many options within specialized software, such as e-wallets developed by loyalty. Customer reward cards designed specifically for the corporate environment include certificates, bonus points, promotions, sales, and more.All of the bonuses mentioned above influence the customers, grow sales and general revenue.

    The Advantages that Companies Get from Offering Cards

    The corporate benefits of issuing a customer’s premium card are closely linked to the entire rewards program developed by mloyalty in accordance with business specifications. The platform includes multiple tools and features, which allow gathering information about a client base, customer behavior, and the ways of attracting more loyal customers. Here are the benefits for company owners:

    Configuring types of rewards – the bonus program is fully custom and can be tailored based on your requirements and the sector you work in;
    Gathering and handling data – every time a registered client is making a purchase or a money operation, this activity is registered by the software. All the information collected via an application or a website will provide a deeper understanding of the customers’ demands;
    By analyzing customers, the system can assign each customer to different categories based on different qualities. Custom categories will be useful for developing special offers and customer reward cards or providing loyalty points or a certificate;
    Different ways of communication – the system allows building various communication channels for your customers. Making promotional e-mails and SMS automatic is beneficial because each customer will receive their custom information.

    The Pros of Receiving a Client Card

    Businesses aim to grow their operation and increase earnings when they start utilizing various bonus campaigns and provide gifts for their buyers. Even a simple bonus card can be beneficial for both business owners and customers. Each customer can use the card to pay for certain products or services, scan a gift card, and receive coupons, certificates, and points for other rewards. Here are some of the benefits of participating in the loyalty program for regular customers:

    Custom offers – buyers can benefit from receiving specialized offers designed solely for them. The system generates offers based on the preferences of each client and their purchase history;
    Loyalty program-a virtual wallet with a built-in card allows you to accumulate points and bonuses, which can then be debited for certain products or services.
    Available personal accounts-easy access to your personal profile can be obtained through an Internet browser or through an app. Each client can see there bonuses and points that they have collected.

    Implementation of the program of encouragement of clients to your business

    The processes of giving and managing customer information have a direct impact on the company’s well-being. Developing a special customer base and rewarding each frequent customer with a bonus card can increase the company’s revenue and make the brand more popular.