Mobile Gifts in Russia

Mobile Gift is a value-added service for mWallet that allows customers to send and receive gifts (certificate on specific value of money or the specific product) instantly on Mobile. Our mGift platform enables real-time sending gifts via SMS, email or push. Customers can purchase Mobile Gifts on a smartphone or through branded web widget online.

mGifts Key Elements

Types of mGifts
● Widget for the website and mobile App, where users can buy gift cards from the brand store (for online merchants)
● B2C reward product: business rewards sales team for reaching sales goals or customers for purchases (for banks, manufactures, retailers and other businesses who wants to reward their customers or sales team)
● C2C mobile gifts in mWallet: users can send some branded gifts to each other (for partners who wants to build own mobile gift business)

Mobile Gifts in Russia
Mobile Gifts in Russia

How it works?

1 Choose a certificate

2 Choose recipient and write a wish

3 Pay for the certificate

4 The recipient will receive the certificate by SMS, Email or in the mobile app

5 To use (redeem) a gift certificate, show the certificate code in the outlet on your smartphone or SMS/Email