Enterprise loyalty program in Turkey

Digital enterprise platform enabling a highly engaging and personalized solution for any-sized business to start your own or coalition-based loyalty program for improving customer engagement and sales stimulation campaigns

Industry solutions

Holistic reward ecosytem to impress, grow and engage your customer base

Large retail networks

Develop devoted communities to resist competition with scheduled marketing activities and advanced analytical capabilities

Motivational programs for billers

Encourage customer culture with reward and money-saving campaigns for timely and advance payments for utility bills


Launch a captivating multi-tenant loyalty program with a common ‘bonus’ currency across your network

Wallet operators

Your financial inclusion efforts will gain much stronger momentum with the advanced engagement capabilities

Paid loyalty programs

Collect recurring fees for the premium benefits you deliver. Improve quality of your audience

digital rewards platform features

Full-fledged rewards solution for you and your partners to engage customers and stimulate sales

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Rewards engine

Profiling and CRM capabilities

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Marketing activity management


Come up with your unique, holistic loyalty program to improve interactions with your customers



The platform is easily connectible with your databases, software, and hardware



Wallet Factory’s reward platform can be tweaked to perfectly match your business needs

real time performance

Real-time performance

Effective communication with customers through multiple channels

sophisticated rewards

Sophisticated rewards

Holistic management tools provide a meaningful way to connect purchases from every channel

holistic financial ecosystem

A single entry point to power up your omnichannel strategy

Open source API allows for the widest variety of implementations:

Sales equipment / channels


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Leverage industry’s proven best practices

best tech stack

Best tech stack

Tap into FinTech solutions backed by the latest yet tried-and tested technology innovations in product development and design

seasoned in house staff

Seasoned in-house staff

Get a reliable well thought-out digital platform built, delivered, and supported by senior IT experts in software engineering & DevOps

market readiness

Market readiness

Accelerate your company’s time-to- market rates with customer approved digital solutions perfectly tailored to your brand identity and individual business needs

big picture approach

Big picture approach

Enjoy a robust end-to end platform solution based on holistic strategies and deep analytical insights into your business specifics and customer expectations

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Enterprise loyalty program in Turkey
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Manage your loyalty campaigns with ease

Leverage a wide range of features included in our Rewards platform to build and deploy your full-scale customer reward programs that boost customer loyalty, increase engagement rates, and enhance experiences with your digital financial services

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Marketing activities




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    Enterprise loyalty program in Brazil

    Why is Loyalty Program Important for Turkey

    The loyalty program is not just a discount system but an integrated strategy for marketing, which includes a system of accumulating bonuses for purchases, collaboration with partners, and the promotion of the company’s values. The loyalty program is aimed at increasing sales and average prices by regular customers. The client comes back to spend received bonuses for purchases and wash, rinse, repeat. The mentioned solution helps to personalize buyers in addition to sales and get information about their frequent purchases and interests. This data also has a great influence on a complete marketing strategy creation.

    The Advantages of implementation a Loyalty System for Enterprise

    ● Attracts new clients

    Favorable terms of the loyalty program trigger the watercooler effect and people tell their friends about the enterprise. Recommendations ensure the flow of new interested audiences.

    ● Retains customers, makes them more loyal

    User participation in the loyalty program implies regular receipt of bonuses, such as increased cashback, personal offers, welcome bonuses, points, and discounts.

    ● Deanonymizes the buyer

    The user gives access to personal information by agreeing to become a part of the loyalty program. The enterprise becomes aware of his/her preferences, purchase history, average bill size, and contact information. All this can be used to send mailings and special offers from the store.

    ● Increases the average bill

    The client receives a discount for a purchase at a certain sum. This encourages the buyer to choose additional things and spend money on them. Moreover, members of the loyalty program get points for the purchase, which can be lashed out on the next orders.

    Types of an Enterprise Loyalty

    M-Loyalty Company can boast distinct types of programs and which one is suitable for a company depends on the goals and objectives of the enterprise. Of course, all programs have a collective goal – to maintain customers, arouse interest in the company, and stimulate sales but for various spheres of action, this task will sound differently and specifically.

    Loyalty programs simply represent a solution for accumulating bonuses. It can divide consumers into levels or display the values ​​of the enterprise. Discount programs mean that the buyer is provided with a required card that gives a discount on certain products, the composition of which may vary. The client not only becomes a cardholder but also gets an SMS or email newsletter with personal offers that motivate them to repurchase. Such a solution has a clear system and is easy for practical application and use.

    Bonus programs purport that the client receives points for the splurge, depending on the spent amount of money. Bonuses are accumulated, the consumer can write them off, and pay with their part or the entire amount of the next purchase. Surplus dividends often expire after a certain period, for example, a month without purchases. This gives people the motivation to shop more often.

    You can pay for the purchase in full with points in some stores and restaurants, while in others, only a certain part of the purchase. This parameter is determined by the seller. Such a system allows motivating buyers to return. Points are a kind of cashback that a client can spend only on purchases in the same place. It’s important to pay attention to some positive moments of such a solution: customers are motivated to spend large sums. There are special apps that make it easy for the enterprise to track client purchases and make customer-focused offers using push notifications or mailings.

    Multilevel loyalty programs have their scheme. The entry-level shoppers are provided with a minimum discount amount, such as 5%. The more the client orders and redeems, the higher his/her level and, accordingly, the personal discount. Airlines, insurance, medical centers, hotels, and other industries often use the above-mentioned system. There are fair point advantages of this system.

    ● The discount level directly depends on acquisitions, which inspires the client to expend money more and more often.

    ● The average check of the buyer rises.

    ● The transparent principle of discounts accumulating and the level increasing makes customers more favorably disposed to the enterprise.

    ● Buyers who make good profits capture more rewards than those who buy infrequently, which makes the program fair.

    Cashback is a loyalty program based on “cash back”. The client is reimbursed part of the money from the purchase. These can be points that the company will return to a discount card or money to a bank card. The seller sets the cashback percentage. Such programs are most often used by banks. The client receives a visible benefit from purchases and the company can connect partners to the program.

    Customizing of Loyalty Schemes

    A profitable loyalty program depends on the business peculiarities so M-Loyalty specialists analyze the mainstream market and fully adapt to the characteristics and goals of the company. It’s required to study the company’s customers before developing a loyalty program in as much detail as possible. It’s important to draw up a picture of the target audience by answering some questions.

    ● Who buys the company’s goods or services?

    ● What needs do buyers have?

    ● What customer problems does the product or service solve?

    ● What’s the easiest way to keep in touch with a client?

    The answers to these questions will show which loyalty program is best for clients and through which channels to promote it. We use reports such as the assessment of engagement in the loyalty program, the effect of the points balance on the engagement in purchases, and the average check to measure the effectiveness of the program over time.

    When to add a loyalty program?

    Let’s consider the situations when it is needed:

    1. When a product is in a mature market.
    2. Competitors have a loyalty program.
    3. The product has passed the stage of rapid growth.
    4 Users are satisfied with the product.

    All right, let’s assume your company is growing in a competitive market. At first sight, a loyalty program seems unnecessary in this case but if all your competitors have the program, then this is one of the criteria for choosing by an audience.

    Launching Enterprise Loyalty Program

    Customers need to know about it to use the app. Take care of this and think about ways to promote it in advance. Email and SMS mailing, pop-up windows or banners on the website, social media, and messengers of the company are decent ways to inform buyers. When the business has physical stores, then it is worth preparing employees. Firstly, describe to them all the peculiarities of the loyalty program, the accumulation, and the payment system. Secondly, induce them to share the innovation with business friends.

    Loyalty program launching consists of two inalienable parts: costly (we offer customers discounts and bonuses for receiving information about them) and profitable (we analyze data, conduct targeted marketing, and motivate the client for further purchases through the