Types of transactions in USA


Where can you pay with the Wallet?

● Directly on your wallet app
● In online stores
● In shops

Types of transactions in USA
Types of transactions in USA

Goods and services you can pay for using your wallet

● Any services of various providers, including utilities, telephone, internet, games, loan repayments, etc.
● Electronic tickets (for transport and for public events)
● Mobile shopping in online stores

How the Wallet helps to pay online

1 Having a QR code scanner on your mobile wallet, you can login to an online resource, for example, to an online store, without having to remember and entering your login and password every time

2 After the selected goods are added to the shopping cart, a QR code will be generated on an encrypted invoice for payment

3 Having the QR code scanned using your wallet, you can pay the invoice

How to pay in stores

● Using QR code technology
● Using NFC technology

Types of transactions in USA
Types of transactions in USA

What types of transfers are available in the Wallet

● Local P2P transfers
● International P2P transfers

How invoicing works

● People can request transfers to each other
● Merchants can issue invoices to their customers

Types of transactions in USA