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Crypto wallet

Crypto wallet is a ready-made ("turnkey") solution for your customers, associated with your brand (White Label), for storing and using various existing cryptocurrencies, as well as for creating your own cryptocurrency.

Receive a convenient interface for accessing various existing crypto-currencies, create your own cryptocurrency tailored with your needs, buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies, exchange one cryptocurrency to another and even use to make payments. All these features are available and running instantly, without delay!

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Our Offer

Platform solution (SaaS or own solution) and mobile interface (application for Android and iOS) for managing cryptocurrencies

Top-up cryptocurrencies (over 100 currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple) from other existing wallets to your wallet or purchase currencies at an exchange
Instant P2P transfer of the cryptocurrency between wallets
Cryptocurrencies exchange
Instant payments for goods and services using cryptocurrencies
Withdrawing cryptocurrency from the wallet (for sale, on an exchange or for another purpose)
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Issuing your own cryptocurrency

Developing of your custom blockchain project aiming at your specific needs.
ICO – initial placement of cryptocurrency coins or tokens (entries in the register of transaction blocks that can confirm the holder's rights for certain objects)
Crediting your own cryptocurrency to your customers’ wallets (for example, bonuses within the loyalty program - tokenization of customer activity)
Securing storage of funds in the blockchain
Managing cryptocurrencies in the wallet (see item 1)

Web interface for managing your own cryptocurrency project

KYC module for customer identification (if required)
Configuring and managing wallet limits and commissions
Module for managing cryptocurrency exchange
Module for generating QR codes to accept crypto wallets for payment in stores and on websites
Analytics and reporting

What you can tokenize
with our help

Cash or Securities
Purchasing activity
Intellectual property
Real estate

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Instant transactions using crypto currency
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Ready-made White Label solution «turnkey»
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A single interface for cryptocurrencies portfolio management
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Personal cryptocurrency tailored for your needs
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Technology for accepting payments in cryptocurrencies on the mobile app, web sites and in stores

How it works

  • 1

    Rolling-out crypto wallet processing tailoring for your business

  • 2

    Making integration required (with SMS gateway and service providers), opening the APIs for Merchants.

  • 3

    Customizing UI/UX interfaces (mobile app for customers, Web-interface for managing the project)

  • 4

    Making the test of solution and launching it on the market

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