Mobile Gifts in South Africa

Mobile Gift is a value-added service for mWallet that allows customers to send and receive gifts (certificate on specific value of money or the specific product) instantly on Mobile. Our mGift platform enables real-time sending gifts via SMS, email or push. Customers can purchase Mobile Gifts on a smartphone or through branded web widget online.

mGifts Key Elements

Types of mGifts
● Widget for the website and mobile App, where users can buy gift cards from the brand store (for online merchants)
● B2C reward product: business rewards sales team for reaching sales goals or customers for purchases (for banks, manufactures, retailers and other businesses who wants to reward their customers or sales team)
● C2C mobile gifts in mWallet: users can send some branded gifts to each other (for partners who wants to build own mobile gift business)

Mobile Gifts in South Africa
Mobile Gifts in South Africa

How it works?

1 Choose a certificate

2 Choose recipient and write a wish

3 Pay for the certificate

4 The recipient will receive the certificate by SMS, Email or in the mobile app

5 To use (redeem) a gift certificate, show the certificate code in the outlet on your smartphone or SMS/Email