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Mobile wallet for banks is a White label wallet App designed not only for existing bank’s customers but also for everyone who would like to have an easy and convenient tool for accessing various financial and non-financial services. Using mobile wallet as a mobile banking tool for applying and managing your chequing accounts, cards, savings products and loans. Link any bank cards to the wallet, make transfers, pay directly in the app, online or in-store (contactless or using QR code), store in your wallet all loyalty cards, e-tickets, insurance, etc.

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Mobile Wallet Benefits for banks
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Greater relationship with existing clients

Work with potential clients and offer them more and more services, financial and digital. Engage your customers in digitizing their existing cards and paying contactless, set personal credit limits, offer investment and savings products, expand the catalogue of products and services available for purchasing directly from the wallet

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Acquire new clients

Anyone who has downloaded Your Brand wallet can use the simplest financial services. Using Masterpass and Masterpass QR solutions, customers of any bank can pay with your wallet. Digital prepaid wallet with electronic money can become the Pioneer payment tool for those who have not yet worked with banks

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Retain customers

Engage and reward clients with a loyalty program and personalized offers

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Empower Digital First Strategy

Mobile banking, contactless cards and payments, instant mobile transfers, digitized values and much more will turn your financial company into a Digital Bank

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Increase revenue

Enrich customer mobile experience with value-added services beyond of traditional banking services and thus earn more

What does Bank get with the launch of Mobile Wallet?
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Lower costs

Ready-made White label wallet app solution without the need to create it from scratch and with no infrastructure building and maintenance costs

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What does Bank Client receive with Mobile Wallet?

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Mobile banking
Manage any banking products and order new ones (bank accounts, cards, loans, deposits)
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Loyalty cards
Store all loyalty cards in one place
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Prepaid Wallet with electronic money
Start using financial services immediately after downloading the mobile application and top-up your prepaid wallet.
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Rewards and cashback
Collect and redeem points for in-app activity
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Cashless payments
Connect your Visa and MasterCard to your wallet and pay using QR codes (with Masterpass QR technology) or contactless (using Google Pay or Apple Pay)
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Different payment modes
Choose to pay by direct carrier billing, credit card, bank account or e-money
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Pay for goods and services directly in the app
Pay electricity, water or gas bills, shopin online stores
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Discover more
Enjoy exclusive offers, send gifts, buy tickets, store passes and more
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Instant money transfers
Using phone number send money to Friends and Family members

Bank Mobile Wallet Use Cases

Credit organization "Alif Capital"

200 thous.




Alif capital has searched the market for mobile tech solution that could provide simple and easy access to the financial services for the unbanked population of the country.

Solution is a mobile wallet allowing you to open an electronic wallet upon downloading the app, to connect several bank cards to it, and make instant P2P transfers and payments using QR codes. The wallet features a major catalogue of services that can be purchased directly in-app (mobile communications, utilities, Internet services, the classifieds website, loan repayment, etc.)
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Application procedure for a Bank?

  • 1

    Contact to discover mobile wallet app basic and extended
    mix & match options

  • 2

    Inform us about your dream wallet App

  • 3

    Concentrate on your Business, while we are making efficient
    deploy and integration

  • 4

    Invite partners and test your dream Wallet App

  • 5

    Receive appraisal for having the Best Mobile Wallet App
    for Bank after the launch

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Banking Software: Best Remote Banking

Mobile wallet for banks is a cutting edge solution expanding your opportunities for attracting new customers, fostering existing clients’ loyalty, building strong brand recognition and increasing profitability.

It’s an easy-to-use application, compatible with multiple mobile devices and focused on granting a secure omni-purpose tool to customers. The software serves to integrate a user-friendly interface with a payment gateway backed by a bank or with a payment service provider in order to connect the customers with a vendor or other individual. By downloading the software to their smartphones or tablets, the users are enabled to make all kinds of payments without using any cash, checks or plastic cards.

Unlike the traditional mobile banking offered by many today’s financial institutions as a part of their core banking system, this digital technology doesn’t require its users to have a bank account for enjoying remote transactions via the Internet. Moreover, the software features are not limited to only conducting financial transactions, but also cover useful managing tools and marketing opportunities.    

Bank Mobile Wallet - Fast Money Transfer Everywhere   

This industry-led banking solution contributes to digital transformation, enriching customer experience and making clients’ everyday life remarkably easier. As a modern and competitive financial institution, you are expected to provide a customer-focused digital architecture that goes beyond traditional banking and makes your products more accessible for both banked and underbanked customers. They are sure to appreciate fast and easy access to the abundance of financial services and associated options:

  • They can handle microfinance operations, pay bills or transfer money between their accounts instantly.
  • They can purchase millions of products and services, paying directly in the app, online or in-store.
  • Their bank account can be linked to the wallet for viewing and managing their balances, transactions, deposits and other banking products.  
  • The software allows for the safe storage of their invoices, bank card details, loyalty programs, coupons, ID cards, e-tickets and other documents.
  • The customers can collect and redeem all kinds of rewards for their cashless payments in the app.
  • They can avail of centrally controlled payment tools, including pre-paid mobile accounts, bank accounts, credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency and digital wallets.

Digital Transformation Bank - Great Advantage

The development of mobile wallet software is a competitive edge for a financial service company since this results in providing its customers with a helpful tool and improving the company’s customer reach.

Both underbanked customers and clients of other banks can use your wallet for fast and convenient payments, and they are likely to be impressed with your engagement into industry digitalization. And it’s easy to get them interested in your banking services by offering news, product demo, advertising banners or push notifications right in the app. Your existing clients will be pleased to receive personalized offers and loyalty bonus in addition to the possibility to purchase your products via their smartphones and tablets. By replacing cards and cash, which are easy to get lost or stolen, with contactless or QR-based mobile device payments, you’ll gain favor with the next generation of your customers.

While this ready-made software involves less investment and operative expenses than Finacle or many other mobile wallet solutions, it works great for acquiring new customers and building loyalty with existing ones.

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