Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Electronic wallet for Postal Operators is a White label solution, allowing you to optimize the process of accepting cash (for both courier delivery and post offices) for goods sent and logistics services. Use a prepaid payment tool (for example, electronic money) for direct payments from your customers to merchants. Couriers and branch employees remain with the only function to top-up your customers’ electronic wallets.

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Benefits of electronic wallet for Postal Operator

Optimize the process of accepting cash and save your time
Allow your customers to pay their purchases directly to a merchant in a cashless form using a wallet with electronic money. Take on only the function of exchanging cash for electronic money either at courier delivery or in post office. Separation of these two processes will significantly decrease servicing time and simplify your financial and tax accounting

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry
Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Develop relationship with existing customers
Make an e-wallet available for your customers in a mobile application. In addition to the payment functionality, make the app a convenient tool for tracking the status of sent and received parcels. Add P2P transfers and payment for services

Retain customers
Engage and reward subscribers with loyalty program and personalized offers Benefits for Postal Operator with launch of Mobile Wallet.

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

What does Postal Operator get with Mobile Wallet launch?

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Empower Digital First Strategy
Digital technologies are sorely needed in Logistics business. Be among those who take advantage of the prepaid electronic wallet and mobile technologies in logistics

Increase Revenue
Enrich customer mobile experience with value-added services beyond of traditional postal services and thus earn more

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry
Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Lower costs
Receive ready-made White label electronic and mobile wallet app solution without the necessity to create it from the scratch, no infrastructure building

Benefits for Postal Operator customer with Electronic and Mobile Wallet.

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Prepaid Wallet with electronic money
Pay for goods and delivery services in cashless form, after loading your prepaid wallet with money in the post office or with the help of a courier

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

In-app payments for goods and services
Pay your hydro, water or gas bills and shop in online stores

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Tracking of sent and received parcels
Track your shipments online

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Rewards and cashback
Collect and redeem points for in-app activity

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Loyalty card
Use the loyalty card of your Postal Operator in digitized form directly from your mobile wallet

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Discover more
Enjoy exclusive offers, send gifts, buy tickets, store passes and more

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

Instant money transfers
Using phone number send money to Friends and Family members

Postal Operators Digital Wallet Use Cases

Electronic wallet for Postal Industry
Electronic wallet for Postal Industry

“Novaya Pochta” together with its financial partner “Forpost” have tried to solve the problem of accepting cash from customers on behalf of merchants (such operation is not permitted directly by Ukrainian law).
“Forpost” electronic wallet is a system of electronic money, implemented on the basis of Wallet Factory technical platform. Within the project, the company changed the process of accepting cash from customers by couriers and post offices. Payment process has been turned into cashless form, there’s no need any more to print primary payment documents (receipts now are stored in the electronic form). Time of customer services decrease by average 1 min per customer.

How does it work for Postal Operator?

1 Get in touch to discover electronic wallet app basic and extended mix & match options кошелька

2 Tell us about your dream digital wallet

3 Keep doing your thing while we do deployment and quick Integration

4 Invite partners and test your dream electronic wallet

5 Once e-wallet is launched, get recognized as the most digital Postal Operator

Post Mobile Wallet – Fast Payment for Delivery

Post mobile wallet is a user-friendly application that can be downloaded to both iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets. It works as a pre-paid tool for fast and secure transactions made right from the devices.

Postal operators can provide their customers with this convenient white label solution to replace traditional cash payments with an innovative e-money option. Instead of accepting cash from the customers for goods delivered and then forwarding the payment to a merchant, the operators can allow for direct transactions between the parties. Similar, the operators can accept payments for logistic services rendered via the post ewallet in a cashless form.

The customers will be able to top the wallet through the operator either in a post office or at courier delivery. They are free to use the digital money loaded to their post mwallet to transfer funds to their friends and family members, as well as to pay bills and make purchases online. On top of that, the white label wallet provides post and parcel tracking service coupled with loyalty program opportunities to improve customer experience with the operator and the app.

E-Wallet Solution for Postal Industry

While the development of frontline software can be quite cost demanding, this white label electronic wallet ensures cutting the costs with a ready-made solution that can be easily tailored to your needs. There is a choice of value-adding features you might be interested in, but even the basic wallet functionality gives you competitive advantages:

● by catering for direct cashless payments, the wallet reduces servicing time and facilitates financial and tax accounting
● the option is applicable to both courier delivery and post office services
● various depositing and withdrawal methods can be connected for the improved usability, as well as a variety of interfaces
● your customer can enjoy sending money via their mobile devices to anyone accepting this type of transactions
● they will appreciate the helpful tracking feature coming with the payment platform
● you can encourage your customers to use both the app and your services by awarding bonuses and channeling personalized offers
● customers’ in-app activity is also rewarded with redeemable points

This white label solution for postal operators is sure to assist in building your brand recognition as the company that keeps abreast of the times and introduces modern digital and mobile technologies in logistics.