International gift cards

Open new monetization opportunities by letting Wallet Factory connect your digital wallet solution to the large portfolio of digital gift cards including global brands such as Apple App Store and iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation Network, Microsoft Xbox, Steam, Nintendo, PUBG, Fortnite, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Uber Eats, and many more.

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Deliver the international gift cards experience to your customers

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More productive digital wallet business with International gift cards service


Ease of integration

Access to a large gift cards portfolio through the available API to set up a new revenue stream for your business, while delivering the desired experience to your customers

customer engagement

Improved customer engagement

International gift cards increase the value of your digital wallet solution and keep customers engaged with special offers and promotions

younger gen

Appeal to younger audience

Drive use of your digital wallet solution by younger people with gifts from various streaming, gaming, food delivery and other major international platforms


Convenience for the people

International gift cards are non-vulnerable to thefts, losses, fraud, and duplication. Much more accessible and safer than any paper or plastic gift cards


Full set of functions to manage and deliver the international gift cards to your customers

Operations and portfolio management

Operations and portfolio management

Mobile app functionality

Mobile app functionality

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Vast portfolio of digital gift cards from the world's leading brands

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