iOS App Development

Wallet Factory is an iPhone app development company that originates sustainable financial products. mWallet is one of the most famous elaborations that reflects a high plane of iOS app development. The concern implements in unit the protection against viruses, hackers, and data trespass due to physical loss or device damage. The iPhone app development comes with a short session and a unique encoding. Such a process is a shield from session replication. The Apple app development helps recover the product in case of damage. The automatic or manual mode can be used for general monitoring of payments.

iOS App Development

In order to raise the security level, the iOS mobile app development can be supplemented with the e-wallet managing from a static IP address or the notification of a completed transaction (they can be sent via SMS or email). All the business owners and clients definitely like that after thoroughgoing custom iOS app development, the payment instrument credentials have become tokenized and encrypted. There is also a special Super Admin option, access to which can be granted in the emergency case. The iOS mobile application development can’t be held without secret keys, which are known only by the account owner.

iPhone App Development Company

The iOS mobile development is made in such a way, that the mWallet can accept money transfers directly from banks and financial companies. Being an iOS mobile app development company, mentioned corporation has created a product, which allows the fully funds managing. Due to the custom iPhone app development, the customer has an opportunity to pay:

● for gasoline without leaving the car.
● for a motor-cab service.
● health insurance.
● for furniture buying, etc.
Owing to a high iPhone mobile арр development rate, the payment is made via widely spread QR-code. The person has to enter the sum and confirm the money transfer.

iPhone Aрр Development Price

The mWallet is a new highly-technological unit, so it’s conventional that iPhone app development cost is fully consistent with its possibilities. After adapting the product to the business requirements, the owner gets a 1-year service agreement with the possibility of renewal. What is the point of it? Some internal changes may be needed due to the errors in system interface, integration, or infrastructure problems. It’s also possible to update the existing version to the latest. The Wallet Factory representatives will tell about all the peculiarities and answer the questions. The price of cooperation is negotiated at the very beginning of the working process.