Rewards Platform

Digital rewards platform enabling a highly engaging and personalized solution for any-sized business to start your own or coalition-based loyalty program for improving customer engagement and sales stimulation campaigns

loyalty rewards for enterprises

Holistic reward ecosystem to impress, grow and engage your customer base

Large retail networks

Develop devoted communities to resist competition with scheduled marketing activities and advanced analytical capabilities

Motivational programs for billers

Encourage customer culture with
reward and money-saving campaigns for timely and advance payments for utility bills


Launch a captivating multi-tenant loyalty program with a common ‘bonus’ currency across your network

Wallet operators

Your financial inclusion efforts will gain much stronger momentum with the advanced engagement capabilities

Paid loyalty programs

Collect recurring fees for the premium benefits you deliver. Improve quality of your audience

loyalty rewards for small & midsize business

Engage and stimulate customers for repeat purchases with loyalty programs

Rewards platform

Online stores and eCommerce websites

Engage customers in your marketing campaigns with full control on earns and burns

Rewards platform

Offline retail networks

Provide personalized loyalty programs to tackle price-driven churn and improve customer buying experiences

Rewards platform

Dedicated Technical Team

Bring and retain more customers to your local stores via simple reward giving campaigns

Rewards platform

Referral programs for brand extension

Improve your growth marketing tactics for introducing new products, expanding your customer base, and increasing sales

digital rewards platform features

Full-fledged eWallet solution to reach your customers where they are

Rewards engine

Loyalty rewards platform
Rewards platform

Profiling and CRM capabilities

Marketing activity management

Rewards platform


Come up with your unique, holistic loyalty program to improve interactions with your customers



The platform is easily connectible
with your databases, software, and hardware



Wallet Factory’s reward platform can
be tweaked to perfectly match your
business needs

real time performance

Real-time performance

Effective communication with customers through multiple channels

sophisticated rewards

Sophisticated rewards

Holistic management tools provide a meaningful way to connect purchases from every channel


Leverage industry’s proven best practices

best tech stack

Best tech stack

Tap into FinTech solutions backed by the latest yet tried-and-tested technology innovations in product development and design

seasoned in house staff

Seasoned in-house staff

Get a reliable well-thought-out digital platform built, delivered, and supported by senior IT experts in software engineering & DevOps

market readiness

Market readiness

Accelerate your company’s time-to-market rates with customer approved digital solutions perfectly tailored to your brand identity and individual business needs

big picture approach

Big picture approach

Enjoy a robust end-to-end platform solution based on holistic strategies and deep analytical insights into your business specifics and customer expectations

Rewards platform

Open-source API for varied use cases

Enable smooth integration across all sales channels and devices: Cashier equipment, accounting systems, website backends, mobile apps, chatbots, and self-service terminals

Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform
Rewards platform


Manage your loyalty campaigns with ease

Leverage a wide range of features included in our Rewards platform to build and deploy your full-scale customer reward programs that boost customer loyalty, increase engagement rates, and enhance experiences with your digital financial services

Rewards engine


Marketing activities



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