Wallet Platform

Boost financial inclusion and become an embedded FinTech provider in your region. Get the market-ready wallet solution to digitalize your financial services for merchants and customers.

Start your digital wallet business, no matter the business size and industry niche.

Digital wallet: Enterprise use cases

Reinforce your digital business strategy and go cashless with enterprise-scale solution

Retail banking

Get a new robust customer acquisition channel for the underbanked with easy remote identification


Increase your ARPU by turning subscribers’ accounts into digital wallets, and monetize your customer base

New FinTech projects

For ambitious businesses backed by government or private funds that strive to launch digital financial products on local markets


For forward-thinking retailers that want to challenge a traditional banking landscape with own neobanking service offerings

digital wallet platform features

Embedded fintech solution for quick & easy launch of your digital wallet business

Mobile payment engine

Wallet platform
Wallet platform

eWallet (e-money) ledger

QR merchant POS

Wallet platform
Wallet platform

Users’ enrollment and management system

Digital wallet: USE CASES for small and midsize businesses

Reach your niche and audience with cloud stored-value service

digital wallet

Provide your customers with new open-loop payment options

A digital wallet for electronic money transfers and QR-code payments for goods and services


Create a prepaid closed loop wallet under your own brand

Custom-built eWallets to digitize local businesses and personalize customer financial experiences

Wallet platform

Fuel wallet with in-app liter units for gas stations nearby

Add value to your brand with a special mobile app while letting your customers have quick access to fuel at a favorable price

Wallet platform

A special wallet for cashback and refund purposes

Stimulate customer engagement with credible cashback and refund policy for online purchases

service features

Feature-rich functionality to empower your stored-value business

Wallet platform



Wallet platform
Wallet platform

P2M (peer-to-merchant) payments 

Top-up, withdrawals and redemption

Wallet platform


Smooth infrastructure that works flawlessly across multiple interfaces

Wallet platform


Transforming customers into real assets



Deploy eWallets custom-tailored to your individual business needs and location specifics

scalability icon


As your business grows, so is your digital wallet. Get business resilience as you scale up across countries and workloads



Enjoy full compatibility with third-party products and services via seamless integration and smooth API connection architecture



Ensure rock-solid security to safeguard all your customer service operations with your embedded fintech wallet solution


Leverage industry’s proven best practices

best tech stack

Best tech stack

Tap into FinTech solutions backed by the latest yet tried-and-tested technology innovations in product development and design

seasoned in house staff

Seasoned in-house staff

Get a reliable well-thought-out digital platform built, delivered, and supported by senior IT experts in software engineering & DevOps

market readiness

Market readiness

Accelerate your company’s time-to-market rates with customer approved digital solutions perfectly tailored to your brand identity and individual business needs

big picture approach

Big picture approach

Enjoy a robust end-to-end platform solution based on holistic strategies and deep analytical insights into your business specifics and customer expectations

Wallet platform

Open-source API for varied use cases

Enable smooth integration across all sales channels and devices: Cashier equipment, accounting systems, website backends, mobile apps, chatbots, and self-service terminals

Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform
Wallet platform

More functionality to tap into

Create and manage your digital financial ecosystem with ease

Leverage a wide range of features included in our Wallet platform to build and deploy a tailored solution that will be much appreciated by your customers

Onboarding and KYC

Payments and transfers

Top-ups and withdrawals

Accounting, reporting and operational activity


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