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Wallet Factory at Wolves Summit 2023: How Ukrainian Panel Drives Innovations in FinTech

Wolves Summit, a global platform that fosters connections between startups, investors, and partners, recently held its latest edition in Wrocław from May 23-25. The three-day festival, hosted at the Wrocław Congress Center, brought together industry leaders, government officials, investors, and tech professionals from around the world. Wallet Factory took part in the Ukrainian Panel discussing all the challenges the FinTech space has to face in these unprecedented times.

Wolves Summit 2023: Its participants, venue, and agenda

With the recent downsizing and layoffs in the technology industry, startups are presented with a unique opportunity to attract experienced professionals seeking new opportunities. Recognizing this trend, Wolves Summit aimed to provide a platform for talent, innovation, and venture to converge. The event aimed to discuss the impact of tech layoffs, slower capital deployment, and political challenges on the tech industry in Poland and Europe.

Given this, lots of representatives from notable organizations such as Invest Hong Kong, the European Innovation Council, the European Innovation Fund, ARAW, Vienna Business Agency (VBA), Microsoft, SoDA, Startup Live, and IPCom were among the participants at this year’s event. They joined forces to share insights, knowledge, and experiences while exploring potential collaborations and investment opportunities.

Wolves Summit 2023: Vast networking opportunities

Wolves Summit offered a variety of activities designed to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. One such activity was the 1:1 matchmaking, which allowed participants to discover investment opportunities, find leads, customers, users, advisors, and mentors. Additionally, the event provided a talent matchmaking platform where professionals could meet potential co-founders or employers. On top of this, the Expo Zone, the largest exhibition zone in Wolves Summit history, showcased innovative startups and companies.

The Ukrainian Panel discussion at Wolves Summit 2023, Wroclaw, Poland

One of the highlights of the event was the Great Pitch Contest. The pitch appeared to be one of the largest pitching contests in Central Eastern Europe. More than 2,000 applications were received, and 50 semi-finalists competed in thematic tracks to be crowned the best startup. Corporate Innovation Challenges and Side Events were also held to support the ecosystem during these challenging times and foster a sustainable future.

The Wolves Summit agenda focused on six core themes: The Unicorn Path, Deep Tech & Cutting Edge, Impact Investing & Technology, Future of our Cities & Homes, Future of Work, and Building Resilient (Tech) Ecosystems. These themes aimed to address crucial topics and challenges faced by the industry.

Wallet Factory at Wolves Summit 2023: New insights to gain and share

The Wolves Summit, a global platform connecting startups and investors, also featured the Ukrainian Panel within its framework. The panel shed light on the innovations and challenges in the Ukrainian FinTech space, offering valuable insights into the country’s burgeoning startup ecosystem.

This said, the Ukrainian Panel at Wolves Summit served as a testament to the vibrant startup ecosystem in Ukraine. What’s more, it highlighted the remarkable innovations and potential within the FinTech industry. The discussions during the panel provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by Ukrainian businesses in the current global landscape.

One of the notable participants in the panel discussion was Volo Budanov, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Wallet Factory. Wallet Factory is a Ukrainian scaleup providing efficient FinTech products and services such as digital wallets and personalized customer loyalty rewards. The company is committed to its ESG principles and aims to improve financial inclusion for underserved populations by empowering banks and retailers with software payment solutions.

Volo Budanov at Wolves Summit 2023
Volo Budanov, CPMO at Wallet Factory

During the panel discussion, Volo Budanov emphasized the most pressing issues faced by the global FinTech industry today. He shared his thoughts on the development of Ukrainian businesses amid turbulent times for Ukraine and the world at large. Budanov’s presence and active participation in the discussion added valuable insights and perspectives to the panel’s discourse.

“Participating in the Wolves Summit has been an incredible experience. The event provided an ideal platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and innovation present in the Ukrainian FinTech industry. I am grateful to Wolves Summit for their commitment to supporting Ukrainian startups and facilitating their growth on a global scale.”

Volo Budanov, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Wallet Factory

Reflecting on his overall impression of the Wolves Summit, Volo Budanov expressed his positivity and gratitude for the opportunity to attend such a significant event. He commended the Wolves Summit for providing a supportive platform that enables Ukrainian startups to scale overseas.

Wolves Summit and Ukrainian panel: Final results and findings

The Wolves Summit played a crucial role in fostering connections between Ukrainian startups, investors, and partners. By providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, the event offered Ukrainian entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their innovations and expand their reach on an international level.

Wallet Factory is also grateful to ISE Corporate Accelerator, a leading accelerator and ecosystem builder in CEE region. They put a great deal of time and effort on helping Ukrainian startups showcase their products and services at Wolves Summit in Wroclaw this year. For those who didn’t have a chance to meet Ukrainian budding IT businesses in Wroclaw, you are more than welcome to join us in Italy. This time around, the Ukrainian delegation is going to take the stage in Remini at We Make Future, 15-17th of June 2023. So, should you attend this iconic International Trade Fair and Festival on Tech and Digital Innovation, please drop by Ukrainian stands and enjoy our insightful panel discussions.

The Wolves Summit continues to be recognized as a catalyst for growth and innovation in the tech industry. Through its dedication to connecting startups and investors and organizing events that facilitate networking and collaboration, the Wolves Summit plays a pivotal role in driving the success of emerging startups and fostering a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This year’s edition of Wolves Summit was a resounding success, attracting 2,214 participants from 80 countries. The event featured 1,060 startups, 531 other companies and institutions, 270 investors and executives, and 79 speakers. The 1:1 matchmaking chat platform facilitated 6,562 chat messages and 3,984 scheduled meetings. Additionally, 28 workshops were held, with 1,104 workshop submissions received.

Wallet Factory at Wolves Summit 2023
The Ukrainian Panel at Wolves Summit 2023

Wolves Summit, since its inception in 2015, has facilitated over 35,000 meetings between more than 19,000 participants. As an integrated dealflow and events platform, it offers year-round engagement through digital events, corporate innovation challenges, and startup scaling activities. With a global network of 170+ community partners, including accelerators and startup operators, Wolves Summit continues to serve as a vital connector within the tech industry.

As the Ukrainian Panel concluded at the Wolves Summit, Wallet Factory and other participants from Ukraine expressed their gratitude to the event host for enabling support and opportunities for Ukrainian startups and budding FinTech companies to scale and succeed on a global scale. The Wolves Summit’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and facilitating meaningful connections remains unwavering.

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