EasyCash: Ensuring interoperability for
ePayment Suite in Egypt

The Egyptian financial B2C market is apparently the lodestone of the MENA region. To encourage further digital transformation towards providing affordable online payment services for mobile users in Egypt, a reliable all-out eWallet solution was urgently needed. The EasyCash initiative aroused great interest and got immense acquisition support from forward-looking investors from the UAE and Egypt. With this, however, the company still required a reliable financial software provider like Wallet Factory to start the FinTech wheels turning. Given the project’s urgency, our team was assigned to Egypt to define the scope of work in detail.

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Business needs and requirements

Recognizing the Wallet Factory’s prior expertise in developing projects in the Middle East, the client tasked us with implementing an ambitious and complex FinTech project. Alongside improving digital financial inclusion in the region, the EasyCash Wallet was set to provide both mobile consumers and merchants with full access to easy-to-use online payment services.

To stand out from its competitors, the app had to be unique, enjoy feature-rich functionality, and get delivered within tight time frames.

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Solution highlights

To meet the requirements, our top priority was to ensure the app’s interoperability via third-party integration with Meeza, the national payment switch, and Mastercard, the international payment gateway. What’s more, the app was bound to align with governmental compliance regulations defined by the Central Bank of Egypt.

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“The emergence of new global technology innovations, especially in mobile use, has become a key driver of digital transformation along with financial inclusion growth in the region. The EasyCash eWallet application delivered by Wallet Factory helps encourage mobile phone users and merchants towards the widespread adoption of digital payments in the Egyptian market.” –

Hesham Omran

Chief Technology Officer at EasyCash (Egypt)

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