FairPay: Delivering Digital Wallet Engine for Transport Digitization Project

IMS Ventures is a digital mobile financial company and content services provider with a focus on emerging markets, particularly in Africa. The company’s vision is to create digital technology solutions that empower and enrich the lives of lower-income consumers in these markets. IMS Ventures works with fintech and telecom service providers to deliver digital finance services and content to their customers.

Business needs and requirements

Recognizing the increasing demand for cashless payment solutions in the transportation sector, IMS Ventures sought to digitize the FairPay transport card system. They wanted to enhance the user experience by enabling customers to make cashless payments for various daily services. To achieve this, they needed a robust digital wallet engine that seamlessly integrated with the existing FairPay platform. The solution had to be highly customizable, scalable, and able to connect with third-party services and interfaces.

IMS Ventures understood the importance of financial inclusion and the potential for economic growth in South Africa through digital transformation. They sought a partner with extensive experience in developing fintech solutions for emerging markets, and Wallet Factory emerged as the ideal candidate due to its vast expertise and flexible cost-efficient Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) model.

Solution highlights

Wallet Factory, a leading fintech company specializing in digital wallet solutions, collaborated with IMS Ventures to deliver a cutting-edge backend digital wallet engine for the FairPay transport digitization project. Here are the highlights of the solution delivered:

Backend Development and Integration

Wallet Factory worked closely with  IMS Ventures to develop and integrate a robust digital wallet core solution with the existing FairPay transport card system. This seamless integration ensured higher performance and efficiency of the digital wallet and the overall business infrastructure.

Efficient Deployment Approach

Leveraging innovative techniques, Wallet Factory ensured the most effective deployment approach for the digital wallet backend solution. The chosen method guaranteed high performance, reliability, and scalability, resulting in an exceptional user experience.

Product Flexibility

The digital wallet delivered by Wallet Factory offered greater flexibility compared to ready-made competitors on the market. Its powerful core functionality allowed easy integration with various services and interfaces across multiple use cases, enabling customization according to IMS Ventures’ specific requirements.

Staging Environment Creation

Wallet Factory established a secure and scalable staging environment for the digital wallet product on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This environment provided a solid foundation for testing, deployment, and future add-ons and extensions.

Comprehensive Product Onboarding

Wallet Factory provided IMS Ventures with comprehensive onboarding and knowledge transfer, including in-depth training sessions on each of the digital wallet’s endpoints. This ensured that IMS Ventures’ team was proficient in utilizing the solution to its full potential.


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“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Wallet Factory for their exceptional collaboration and the remarkable results achieved through our partnership. The fruitful outcome of the FairPay transport digitization project is a testament to Wallet Factory’s expertise and commitment to delivering innovative digital wallet solutions. Their seamless integration, comprehensive onboarding, and flexible product have empowered us to enhance our business, drive financial inclusion, and enrich the lives of lower-income consumers. We look forward to continued success and future collaborations with Wallet Factory.”

Muthoni Kirumbi

CEO at IMS Ventures

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