Kulikov: Implementing loyalty program and payment management system for confectionery house

A leading confectionery reached out to Wallet Factory with a number of technology implementation requirements. Еhe company has been operating across the vast region of Central and East Asia since 1991. To increase customer engagement and loyalty with its brand, the company was seeking a solid software solution.

kulikov loyalty system

Business needs and requirements

To improve its B2C customers’ engagement and retention, the client wanted us to build up a robust full-out loyalty program that would contribute to consumer satisfaction and drive additional brand value through returning customers. Together with the loyalty program, the confectionery house needed some management software to orchestrate its massive payment and order data.

Due to the regionwide brand presence in the market, we were tasked to develop and deliver a flexible app solution capable of meeting all the regional market peculiarities and business niche specifics.

kulikov loyalty program

Solution highlights

After a thorough competitor analysis we had multiple briefings with our client to fully realize the product demand and technical requirements for the project. When we got the whole picture, we proceeded with product planning and determined our capacity and timelines.

The solution was aimed to build a custom loyalty program from scratch by utilizing the latest marketing trends and best practices. The solution covered the development of new custom modules, each of which was responsible for enabling some customer-driven activities.


Denis Gayvoronskiy
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“Creating new bright buying experiences for our both new and long-term customers is a top priority of Kulikovsky confectionery house. This given, the effectiveness of traditional methods and techniques of acquiring and retaining customers is long gone by now. Businesses are now striving to find new ways of capturing customers’ attention with digital-first solutions.

Adopting a software-driven approach in marketing is a well-thought-out and cost-efficient practice to engage and retain your customer base. We truly appreciate the commitment made by Wallet Factory while delivering us with the reliable backend development solution. The joint software project has already brought us new audiences and enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction with our brand via great gamified buying experiences.” —

Denis Gayvoronskiy

CEO of Kulikovsky

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