NUR Telecom: eMoney enablement and service integration for Wallet App

NUR Telecom, known in the consumer market under the O! brand name, is one of the biggest mobile network providers in the Kyrgyz Republic. The telecom business launched its user offerings in March 2009 as the company started providing 2G GSM services. Later on, our client added 3G services to its portfolio, and became the first provider who introduced the 4G LTE service pack countrywide in May 2014. As a forward-thinking technology leader, the client reached out to Wallet Factory for a robust software solution that would enable digital money transactions and streamline eWallet interaction of in-app and third-party services.


Business needs and requirements

We had the task to develop an eWallet backed by electronic payments and ensure seamless integration of all the in-app capabilities with different third-party services. The mobile app had to support various payment methods, including bank cards, to allow for online payments, automated payments, mobile payments, self-service checkouts, notifications, and P2P operations. As payment tools, customers would be able to use: e-money, phone balance, payment cards, as well as the coalition-based program for merchants with bonuses accrual and withdrawal.


Solution highlights

The eWallet platform provided the client with the possibility of working with merchants, marketplaces, cash-out terminals, and gas station chains. The set of implemented features boiled down to the following:
 • Five easy-to-use payment methods: by credit and debit bank cards, with electronic money, via mobile phone balance, and bonus-based
 • Automatic payments
• Automated mobile phone top-ups on reaching predefined minimum limits
 • Cashless mobile-backed tipping options
 • Smooth functionality for marketplace
 • Rich feature set for cash-out terminals
 • Specialized features for gas station chains
 • Event-triggered reminders, alerts, and notifications
 • Loans management with in-app crediting and repayment options.
 • Business app functionality for merchants and other business users
 • BNPL (scheduled) payments

Yury Chelbakov
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“Furthering the purpose of digital transformation, today’s mobile wallet applications have to be all-in-one payment tools. As customer demands with our brand grow, we are happy to own a full-fledged eWallet solution deftly developed and delivered by wallet Factory. The mobile wallet app has proved to be efficient, customer-first, and able to win the digital payment market competition.”—

Yury Chelbakov

Product Management Director at NUR Telecom

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