Raiffeisen Bank: Digitization and tokenization of bank cards with Google Pay and Apple Pay

One of the leading European banking groups was on the lookout for a robust cards tokenization software solution to attract and engage their customers. Wallet Factory delivered a reliable digital payment platform alongside seamless integration with global payment gateways and online services.

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Business needs and requirements

Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, digital wallet platforms are coupled with mobile phones and turn the latter into robust online payment tools.Our team was tasked with a new project of card tokenization for our client. Their primary requirements were to leverage NFC technology to connect users’ smartphones that have NFC-module with global digital wallet platforms like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The client wanted us to go far beyond this integration and develop a software solution allowing easy digitalization of users’ bank cards into so-called tokens. The tokens were supposed to be securely stored in their mobile phones. These tokenized cards were to be utilized for a wide range of online payments while the software app had to feature various options for convenient transactions.


Solution highlights

To enhance capabilities of the existing infrastructure and help the client combine traditional payment methods with tech-enabled solutions, Wallet Factory did the following optimization:
• The process of seamless integration of a new digital card platform with both bank systems and VTS (Visa Token Service) and MDES (MasterCard Digital Enablement Service) tokenization services was done and tested in quite a short time.
• The next big thing was to expand the feature set of the digital card platform. It was done in 2020 and allowed the client to provide tokenization services of the bank’s cards issued for its customers to be further used across eCommerce platforms.
• Finally, we succeeded in implementing card tokenization functionality on Xiaomi-based wearable devices that have NFC modules.

Olexandr Prykhodko Raiffeisen
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Using contactless NFC mobile payments is a global trend that keeps gaining traction around the globe. Our bank is happy to implement this technology together with VISA and Mastercard while integrating Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Xiaomi. The solution allows customers to easily manage their tokens, securely generating up to 99 tokens to one payment app.   

Due to card tokenization, smartphone users can pay online in food supermarkets, transport, cafes and restaurants, gas stations—anywhere with terminals for contactless payment. I highly appreciate our cooperation with Cartsys Ltd and Wallet Factory. Our bank is happy to have been their client for many years. We value the level of services they provide, commitment, and forward-thinking.” —

Olexandr Prykhodko

IT Systems Operation Division of Raiffeisen Bank

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