Arber: Increasing customer loyalty for apparel & fashion retailer

Arber is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of men’s business clothing in Ukraine. Its classic business and smart casual apparel collections include men’s fashion outfits, footwear, and accessories. Along with its regular clothes, the brand has a range of premium clothing for men that is dedicated to its founder, Gregory Arber.
Starting its business in 1990, now Arber operates five clothing factories and over 100 shops to satisfy their customers. The high-quality business wear for men has its own unique design and meets today’s latest style trends in the apparel market. The loyalty program was based solely on customer satisfaction with fine and affordable business apparel, and the emotional bond with the clothing brand.

Arber app

Business needs and requirements

While looking for the right customer loyalty program solution, the client wanted to have a robust fully-functional customer experience management platform that would provide more detailed information about customers, their buying preferences, and shopping behaviors. The customer loyalty platform had to enable high-quality communication with customers while offering personalized benefits. So, the client was looking for a full-fledged loyalty solution that would become a multi-tool meeting ever-growing business requirements.

Before we managed to introduce our Points-based loyalty program, the client’s network had a system of accumulative discounts for regular customers. Their customers could receive a discount card, where the discount rate varied in accordance with the funds spent. So, at first, we had to make a seamless transition of the client’s customer base from the old system to the new platform.

  • To update and migrate the customer database
  • To transfer purchase history data of all the identified customers

Solution highlights

Mobile eWallet

The new mobile app was designed to provide customers with:

  • Notifications about personalized sales offerings
  • In-app purchase history and added virtual cards
  • iOS and Android platform support
  • PIN & fingerprint authentication
  • QR-code or NFC options for cashier contactless payments
  • GPS data-driven info to find a nearby store
  • Admin access to facilitate customer data and email broadcasts

Admin Web dashboard

The loyalty web-based platform consists of a set of features necessary to launch, control, and measure any customer loyalty campaign.

  • Smart settings for configuring rewards options and requisites
  • Marketing and analytical tools
  • Single web interface to monitor the customer lifetime value (CLV) at every step
  • Communication tools
  • White-label mobile app for any brand customization


User web dashboard

Customers had an opportunity to create their own web-based accounts on the client’s website.

  • Easy sign-up and sign-in processes
  • Balance check, new points earned info, and purchase history
  • Access to all sales promotions and offers available, company and product news
  • Management of personal data details, and email subscription preferences



Arber loyalty app
Ruslan Dymchuk
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“Switching from a discount to a points-based loyalty program has many advantages. Our company can now leverage a cost-efficient model and get a strong emotional bond with customers. Increasing customer loyalty is very important, because retaining customers is much cheaper than attracting new ones. A well-prepared Customer Journey Map helped us identify critical points and minimize churn.

We, as a service provider of the loyalty platform, performed a high-quality migration of data of existing customers to ensure the most comfortable transition process that was welcomed by both the client and customers.” –

Ruslan Dymchuk

Head of the Rewards platform

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