YASNO: Delivering Customer Loyalty Platform for Energy Supplier to Serve 4M Households

YASNO brand, a leading energy supplier in Ukraine, embarked on a project to get a robust customer loyalty platform developed and integrated across its B2C energy supply services. As its winning bid, the client chose Wallet Factory, a FinTech services provider, well-known among businesses for its revenue-generating digital wallet solutions and efficient loyalty platforms powered by highly personalized rewards.

The primary objective was to establish a comprehensive loyalty program for its YASNO brand that delivers its energy services to over 4 million households countrywide. The program had to engage and retain end customers, improve payment discipline for basic products, drive sales of additional offerings (cross-selling), and foster active involvement of customers within the company’s ecosystem. With the impending competition on the energy market, the client aimed to instill loyalty among its existing customers and attract new ones in a highly competitive environment.

YASNO dashboard

Business needs and requirements

  • CRUD operations. Fast and easy creation and editing of setting accrual rules and conditions, through a user-friendly interface, without the involvement of developers.
  • Ability to set priority and exception rules, defining criteria such as completeness, regularity, and time of payments.
  • Creation, processing, and storage of customer information files, with flexible tools for customer segmentation.
  • Seamless integration of the loyalty program into client services and communication channels.
  • Ability to manage exclusive rules for promotions, special offers, and marketing campaigns.
  • Tracking and recording of bonus operations, including accruals, write-offs, and conversions.
  • Setting rules for the allocation of bonuses in the context of products and customer segments.
  • Exchange of data between the loyalty system and external systems for seamless information flow.

Solution highlights

To meet the project requirements, Wallet Factory implemented a cutting-edge enterprise-grade customer loyalty platform. The highlights of the solution included:

  • An intuitive user-friendly interface that allowed managers to quickly configure all the rules, accruals, and write-offs of bonuses.
  • Easy-to-use settings for platform’s priority and exception rules, ensuring proper execution when multiple parameters are matched.
  • Flexibility in defining criteria such as completeness, regularity, and timeliness of payments to encourage the right payment procedure.
  • Customizable calculation methods for greater accuracy.
  • Smooth integration of the loyalty program into client services, including personal accounts, and various communication channels.
  • Efficient management of exclusive rules for promotions, special offers, and marketing campaigns, with parameters such as validity period and client segmentation.
  • Robust recording of bonus operations, enabling accruals, write-offs, and conversions with ease.
  • Setting of rules for the bonuses to redeem in the context of products and customer segments.
  • Comprehensive data management tools, including customer information files and flexible customer segmentation capabilities.
  • Integration with external systems like CRM, ERP, mobile apps, eCommerce accounts for greater data exchange, enabling the upload and download of information on accumulated bonuses and other bonus-related options.
Sergiy Kovalenko
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“By adopting our advanced customer loyalty platform, our business can not only strengthen customer engagement and retention but also enjoy increased cross-selling opportunities, improved brand reputation, and a competitive edge in the market.”

Sergiy Kovalenko


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