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Wallet Factory Announces Rebrand Along with New Website Launch

Wallet Factory is happy to announce its new brand identity to reflect its business growth in the Middle East and Africa region, and on other emerging markets with underbanked communities. A major rebranding comes along with a website redesign to better serve its current and prospective clients improving their user experiences and satisfaction with a wider range of the financial services and products Wallet Factory is ready to offer in 2022.

Wroclaw, Poland, April 10, 2022. Wallet Factory, a leading FinTech software provider of digital services and platforms for financial businesses, is proud to reveal a major rebranding that reflects its new far-reaching business goals and approach to long-term corporate strategy development for successful growth. In concert with its reshaped brand identity approach, the company is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website to more accurately showcase the Wallet Factory’s expanding business offerings.

The need for rebranding originated from the way the company has grown and expanded in recent years. Founded in 2016, Wallet Factory succeeded in broadening its presence both in mature and emerging markets while delivering reliable FinTech projects throughout the US and many developing countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East and Africa. The rebranding strategy is to solidify brand positioning and introduce a whole new range of digital platforms and services based on the WaaS (Wallet-as-a-Service) delivery model.

“Our novel business architecture is purpose-built for enabling continuous improvement in product development and gaining industry momentum with client-focused services and platforms streamlined for greater business efficiency,” said Michael Miro, CEO of Wallet Factory. “These new offerings now truly resonate with what our clients really want for their revenue growth and brand value.”

A unique brand identity of Wallet Factory is succinctly manifested in its renewed logo. The brand logo enjoys a stylized initial letter W that deftly attributes to the company name itself, its key products and services like WaaS and Wallet Platform, and to an exponential business growth curve or W-shaped recovery.

In the meantime, a newly redesigned website is made to provide explicit and comprehensive information on the scope of feature-rich services and digital platforms. The new functionality along with the feature set are to ensure a wide variety of financial solutions for almost every use case while addressing the growing demand for digital transformation in underbanked regions.

The website features a number of insightful pages with refreshed information about Wallet Factory and its partners and investors. The company’s innovative business development approach is based on a social responsibility mindset. While helping companies improve financial inclusion, the services based on the WaaS model along with the platforms we provide contribute to the overall economic growth of the underbanked regions.

The site’s sections also provide prospects with detailed lists of WaaS-based service offerings and market-ready digital platforms that financial companies can easily integrate, launch and start capitalizing on. For those who like to stay current on the latest FinTech news, here’s a UX-friendly corporate blog covering every single tech trend in the financial industry. An insightful Help Center along with simplified contact forms might come in handy for any curious minds looking for the right answers for elaboration, or going to communicate directly with the company’s team.

“We are very excited to eventually have a brand new corporate website with a completely new look and feel,” said Volo Budanov, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Wallet Factory. “The website at walletfactory.com not only has a sleek client-first design and a renewed structure with smooth navigation—it gives a great deal of enhanced user experiences to our clients.”

In the long run, our new brand identity alongside the redesigned website will be speaking in one voice with our clients when it comes to implementing new tech innovations, enabling customer loyalty programs for their audiences, complying with nationwide regulations and standards, and introducing advantageous features and updates to improve the operational efficiency of the services and platform they already run.

About Wallet Factory
A FinTech provider of digital finance services and enterprise-grade platforms. Wallet Factory enables financial businesses of any size with access to digital opportunities, like market-ready eWallets, payment solutions, card tokenization services, customer loyalty programs, and more.

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