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Financial technologies help required services and organizations control the financial finer points of a business. Fintech is also called an industry where enterprises use new solutions to compete with conventional financing agencies for the hearts and funds of clients. Most often these are tech startups and organizations that use fintech tools to amend their customer care. White label banking can be perceived as an innovative way to reach the desired effect.


White label banking is a tool developed by one but renamed by other companies as their own. The focus is made on presenting safe and secure payment tools (via an app), which make customer’s life easier and exalt the company in the eyes of users to a new level.
The Wallet Factory provider is responsible for white label banking application creation and always prioritizes customer requirements. It works with a team of highly skilled professionals who have many years of experience and are ready to tackle fabulous sticking points. White label apps have lots of pros, so if a customer is considering this option, he/she must pay attention to the essential moments.

Benefits of White Label Banking

  • Cost. White label is cheaper than working on the personal system creating as the Wallet Factory Company already has everything for a decent banking product.
  • Term. You get a ready-to-use product, so you will have to think about the system customization and visual individualization.
  • Brand. The client will see that the payment system is unique and belongs to you.
  • Security. All the intended for the white label payment systems implement a high-security standard when making payments. Such a nuance is relevant.
  • Compliance with legal requirements. The legal aspect is equally important. The legislation puts forward a stringent standard of requirements, in particular, within personal information protection, AML/CTF regulation, etc. The payment system is provided ready for use and itself ensures the development of processes and the preparation of the documents in consonance with this regulation.It is also possible that some services are combined into so-called unions. For instance, PayPal bought Venmo. Both of them continue to exist and even have various conditions.

White-Labeling in Financial Services

A white label provider ensures that service is perfectly organized with flexible infrastructure and multiple platforms.  It continually evolves to maintain competitiveness and customer relationships. Direct client service and deal-making competencies quickly lead to the necessity to serve the needs of the middle and back office, such as improved risk management or reporting, securities settlement, and custody. The depth of integration and breadth of functionality, required to meet these needs, can be substantial but such investment in integration tends to increase growth and extend relationships with partner banks.

  • Perform transactions between digital wallets.
  • Make financial operations contactless.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of banking and neobanking.
  • Keep your loyalty cards, electronic tickets, and insurances in your wallet.


Such a solution is licensed and offers lots of advantages. It helps to.

The popular application makes it easy to process digital payments securely and fast. It’s perfect to work with consumer accounts and transactions in real-time mode. The range of applications is extremely wide and practically has no technical limitations – topping up a mobile phone account, paying utility bills, fines, tickets, even electronic loans. E-wallets free the user from the hassle and limitations of widespread banking services.

All the functions are collected in one application, they can be activated literally with a few taps, and there are no requirements for the user’s physical location. There can be many options for implementing loyalty programs, discounts, increased cashback, additional features, etc. Such software can be easily installed on iOS and Android, as the Wallet Factory Company seamlessly adapts the solution to the available platforms.

Future of White Label Banking Services

White label banking is now regarded as the technological basis for the work of more than 100 money institutions around the world. The potential in this area will only increase in the future, as partnerships can be another disruptive factor in the financial industry, due to which customer service will be based on B2B2C models.

The white label partnerships have strengthened and expanded over the past decade or so. Now it is possible to implement a wider range of services (within their framework) than was traditionally thought. This evolution is associated with constantly increasing and more sophisticated customer mandates: now they need to quickly master new market segments, ensure compliance with norms and standards, and implement a digital transformation campaign plan.

Even the largest banks are rethinking the services they provide with internal resources, thus showing that they are becoming more open to the use of third-party competencies. Higher customer expectations and competition in the fintech industry mean inevitable further business solutions changes. The partner bank sets the strategy and the white label supplier must focus on getting the job done. Companies offering boring plug-and-play solutions will lag behind providers with a range of services that create the conditions for closer partnerships.

Who Uses White-Label Financial Solutions

The white label products are especially useful for those companies and businesses, which work in such spheres as telecom, retail, banks, e-commerce, and postal. Everyone gets real benefits, so there are no doubts about the profitability. The Wallet Factory provider specialist will get acquainted the interested person with the detailed information and additional bonuses that service users will get. The emphasis is on the customer, so the company will make the product as adapted as possible to the current market conditions and the wishes of the client.

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